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8 ways to one-up your natural beauty routine at the grocery store

8 ways to one-up your natural beauty routine at the grocery store

If you’ve decided to stick to a natural skincare routine (bravo for you!), the thought of finding clean beauty products that don’t cost a fortune may sound like an oxymoron. But it’s actually possible to keep chemicals out of your daily routine without stepping into an uber-expensive specialty beauty shop. If you can believe it, going natural can be as easy as tossing a few extra items into your cart at the grocery store. Who knew going natural could be so easy (and inexpensive!)?

Where to buy it: literally anywhere
Price: About $2

Yes, these creamy green orbs are more than just delicious additions to your lunchtime chopped salad. Packed with potassium, protein, and vitamins A, B, D, E, and K, avocados contain antioxidants and ultra-hydrating properties to moisturize skin and prevent aging. Try DIY-ing your own face mask by blending half an avocado with a quarter cup of honey and then allowing the mixture to sit on your skin for 10 minutes — if you can fight the urge to eat it all first.

Good Soap by Alaffia
Where to buy it: Whole Foods
Price: $2/bar

Shea butter is one of nature’s most powerful skin hydrators, and can even improve the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, which is what makes Alaffia’s Good Soap one of our fave bars on the market.

“I love that this soap contains Certified Fair Trade shea butter, which is incredibly moisturizing and protective for your skin,” says Ellen Miller, Beauty & Wellness Editor at Whole Foods Market. “The coconut oil adds another layer of moisture. The best part of this product? Its sales have already helped build a new preschool in Togo, where the shea butter is sourced.”

Tea Tree Oil
Where to buy it: Any natural foods store or shop with essential oils
Price: About $5 per ounce

Tea tree oil is one of those miracle products that can be used for so many things. Tea tree oil contains terpenes, an active ingredient that fights bacteria, and this oil can be used as a spot treatment to combat acne or soothe a dry, itchy scalp. It can also be blended into a toner — this witch hazel–rosewater based one sounds heavenly. But if you aren’t feeling crafty, just look for a ready-made tea tree oil-based cleanser to reap tea tree oil’s benefits without the work.

Whole Foods Market Volumizing Shampoo/Conditioner
Where to buy it: Whole Foods
Price: $10/bottle

My thin, limp hair doesn’t respond well to anything, so when I discovered this herbal-scented, salon-grade formula, I was immediately hooked. Both the shampoo and conditioner have amazing textures that leave hair silky without weighing it down.

“This botanically based formula contains Tilia tomentosa, a flowering plant that helps condition hair and reduce breakage,” says Miller. “That, combined with the quinoa protein, will help give your hair added volume. And it’s not greasy!”

Where to buy it: literally anywhere
Price: $3 for 18 ounces

You already know that this fibrous grain is great for your heart and digestive tract, but once you swear off the instant stuff, you’ll find that plain rolled oats are also an excellent facial exfoliator. They’re great for sensitive skin types, and can soothe everything from sunburns to dry patches. To make a scrub, just mix a tablespoon of raw oats with a quarter teaspoon of salt, and blend with a teaspoon of olive oil or water to make a paste.

Where to buy it: Natural food stores or drugstores
Price: $8 for 2 ounces

A cult-favorite alternative to petroleum jelly, some claim it gets better results than any other lip balm out there, natural or not. Intrigued enough to try it out for yourself?

“It only contains four ingredients: beeswax, organic soy oil, organic rosemary oil, and vitamin E,” Miller says. “These simple ingredients work together to give it a soft, creamy texture that smooths and protects your skin.”

Where to buy it: Literally anywhere
Price: $3 a dozen

Packed with protein, good fats, vitamins, and antioxidants eggs are arguably the perfect food. But their protein, sulfur, and biotin also make them the perfect hair conditioner. Just beat an egg or two and run it through your hair from root to end, letting sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water (and then maybe shampoo, just to be sure you get all that egg out).

365 Everyday Value Maximum Moisture Lotion
Where to buy it: Whole Foods
Price: $5 for 16 ounces

“This lotion uses macadamia oil and shea butter that give you natural hydration and silky skin,” says Miller. It’s also free from harsh preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic fragrances.”

Macadamia nut oil contains a similar makeup to the oils that naturally occur on your skin, so moisturizers blended with this essential oil are incredibly effective.

There you have it: eight easy-to-find beauty items that are inexpensive as well as completely natural. The best part? For some of them, you can even eat the leftovers.