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Erin Schrode, California congressional candidate

The proverbial “new kid on the block”, Schrode is a 24 year-old hoping to secure a seat in Congress in California’s District 2. Baby steps? Schrode already co-founded her own nonprofit dedicated to environmental advocacy, Turning Green. Fun fact: you have to be 25 to run for Congressional office, which is perfect since Schrode’s birthday is this month. If she wins, she’ll be replacing Jared Huffman, a 52 year-old white male (shocker), and make history as the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress. Schrode’s not afraid to speak her mind regarding the absence of women in politics and the negative effect it’s had on women’s issues. On the subject of reproductive rights, she’s gone on record saying, “The fact that old men are deciding what a young woman can or can’t do with our bodies is unconscionable to me.” Us too, Erin. Us too.