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Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant ($8.99)

Most natural formulas contain coconut oil, which can make a bar format tricky. Think about it: when you use coconut oil for cooking/hair masks/body scrubs, you’ve got to heat it up to shift it from it’s solid consistency into something that can be easily absorbed. To address this, Schmidt’s recommends holding the bar under your arms for a hot minute so that it’s easier to apply.

Once you’re covered, our BFFs baking soda and essential oil (scents include lavender sage, bergamot lime, cedarwood juniper, and ylang ylang calendula) do the rest — with one special ingredient. “Our formulas introduce a careful incorporation of plant-based powders to absorb sweat on contact,” says founder Jaime Schmidt. “So even though Schmidt’s isn’t an antiperspirant, it’ll still help keep you dry.”