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When it comes to deodorant, most of us are looking for the cheapest and easiest thing that’ll keep us from having to do an afternoon sniff-check in the office bathroom (been there). But if you’ve been rocking the same drugstore brand since the seventh grade, now may be the time to reconsider that morning (and/or mid-date) swipe.

Okay, you’ve probably heard the rumors about safety concerns surrounding deodorant. So what’s the deal? In a word: aluminum.

If you’re using an antiperspirant (if you don’t know, you probably are), aluminum is used in most formulas to block sweat ducts. According to The American Cancer Institute, some research suggests that aluminum may interfere with the function of estrogen hormones, and promote growth of breast-cancer cells. Think you’re in the clear because you’re using a formula that’s just a deodorant? Recent studies have also found concentrations of parabens, a preservative found in some drugstore deodorant options, in breast-cancer tissue, although more research is necessary to firmly establish a link.

Here’s the thing, though: why use a potentially harmful product when there are plenty of natural alternatives? We’re willing to bet that breaking up with that overly fragrant bar for an aluminum-free version won’t only be easy, but downright freeing.

“People have the misconception that sweating is bad, but it’s actually a healthy function
that helps rid your body of toxins,” explain Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner, creators of PiperWai, a charcoal-based deodorant. “A good aluminum-free deodorant will neutralize odor and absorb moisture so you can ditch the clinical-strength antiperspirant for something that works with your body, not against it.”

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 7 natural deodorants will actually keep you fresh to death.