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5 simple ways to boost your reproductive health in 2019

5 simple ways to boost your reproductive health in 2019

Nearly every year, the most popular New Year’s resolution is “get healthy.” But while you’re busy making workout plans and nutritional tweaks, we suggest factoring in your reproductive health, too. At LOLA, we’re committed to building a lifelong brand that’s here for all of your reproductive milestones: from your first period to your last hot flash – and everything in between. So without further ado, here are our top five tips for boosting your reproductive health in 2019.

Know what you like (and use it!)
While masturbation is still considered a taboo topic for many, nearly 95% of women say they pleasure themselves — and we are here for that. Masturbating can be a great way to figure out what you like (and don’t like), making sex an even more pleasurable experience for everyone involved. Not to mention, masturbation can help improve your overall wellness: it’s considered to be a stress and anxiety reducer – and a powerful sleep aid, too. And, if cutting junk foods from your diet is one of your resolutions, it can even help curb cravings for sugar and caffeine. So, in 2019, why not commit to pleasuring yourself? (And if you do, we’ve got a really good lubricant for that.)

Maintain a healthy pH
We gave you this advice last year and it still holds true: keeping up good levels of bacteria and a healthy vaginal pH, are two ways to keep your reproductive health on track.

By increasing the good bacteria in your vagina, you can actually help stave off a host of unwanted potential infections (like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis). Pro tip: Lactobacillus is a common bacteria strain in the vagina, and by making sure you have enough of it via a daily probiotic supplement, you can help ensure that your vagina is self-cleaning to the best of its ability.

Another way to work wonders? Keep your pH balance right where it needs to be. To explain, your vagina is naturally acidic with an optimal pH between 3.8 and 4.5, and when your vaginal pH gets a little too basic, it can cause bacteria like yeast to grow. Some of the biggest culprits? Your period, having unprotected sex, douching in the shower, or taking antibiotics. To avoid the growth of excess yeast, try to maintain a healthy diet, wear breathable cotton underwear, and limit use of scented soaps and fragranced bath products. And if your vagina could still use a little extra TLC, our cleansing wipes are gynecologist-approved and designed to leave you feeling your freshest.

Seek transparency in your products
We believe you deserve to know what’s in your tampon and beyond. You already know what’s in your smoothie, your skincare products, your household cleaning products… so why should your period and sexual health products be any different? At LOLA, we’re committed to transparency in all of our goods (from pads to condoms), and this year, we’re challenging you to seek that kind of transparency in everything you use – especially your daily essentials. Your body will thank you.

Do what’s best for you
Excitingly, it seems there are more options popping up every year when it comes to reproductive health. One of your best friends swears by an IUD – another would never give up the pill. You’ve always been one to use pads – but your older sister insists tampons are the way to go. Our best advice? Have honest conversations with the people you trust most and explore all options to figure out what works for you. PS: Did you know that with LOLA’s referral program you can gift your friends $5 off their first subscription and score a $5 credit for yourself? Win, win.

Stay informed and aware
If we could leave you with only one pointer for navigating your reproductive health in 2019, it would be this: stay informed. Read the news, join in on conversations around you, ask questions when you have them, and seek answers until you’re satisfied. Not sure where to begin? Both our Sexual Wellness and First Period Kits include LOLA-approved guides with nuts-and-bolts descriptions on everything – from your anatomy to the art of orgasms – so you can be prepared for whatever comes your way this year!
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