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5 practical uses for essential oils

5 practical uses for essential oils

Essential oils are having a moment. For years, essential oils were reserved for your new age-y friends and hippie family members into alternative medicine. But lately, with the rise of all-natural beauty products and the beauty industry’s magnified focus on skincare, everyone from celebrity makeup artist’s to Instagram’s most beloved wellness influencers are all about their oils and diffusers. But, understandably, you may still be skeptical.

Maybe you view essential oils as the latest health trend du jour, akin to the likes of crystal healing (hey — don’t knock it until you try it!), but there are actually a ton of viable, practical applications for essential oils that might surprise you.

Skin problems
Skincare oils are a mega-trend to unpack on their own, and there’s good reason — plenty of essential oils help with hydration, anti-aging, blemishes, and acne scars. Rose oil is practically a cure-all for skincare oils: it moisturizes, reduces redness, and fights inflammation, celebrity makeup artist Gina Brooke explained to Elle. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties, on the other hand, help with breakouts and to heal cuts or scars, according to Hello Glow. Just rub the oil of your choice into your moisturizer or gently dab a drop between your palms and then onto your face for maximum effect.

Anxiety and depression
Just like aromatherapy, essential oils can have amazing calming and anti-depressive qualities. Lavender, for example, is a jack-of-all-trades oil — from nausea to insomnia and headaches, there isn’t an irritation that lavender can’t tackle. But it’s soothing scent is especially great for anxiety and depression, as proven in a 2012 study published in an issue of the Natural Medicine Journal, as are bergamot and sandalwood.

Like lavender, peppermint oil is an amazing way to treat nausea and indigestion (as noted in American Family Physician). Just dab between your palms and inhale deeply (or drop onto a cotton ball and inhale deeply from there), and let that sickening feeling leave your body.

Common cold
Is Sudafed not doing the trick? According to a 2010 study, eucalyptus oil is one of the many oils that can help clear congestion. Think of it as nature’s menthol rub. Frankincense is also great for that nagging cough that won’t die, and oregano oil is an antibacterial and antiviral.

Yes, you can reduce period cramps with essential oils. Try LOLA’s Essential oil blend for cramps — with 17 different oils and an easy-to-use roll-on application, you can take this soothing, all-natural remedy on-the-go for your most piercing period cramps. The chamomile and geranium help improve blood flow, while capsaicin provides a deep calming sensation and lavender and ylang ylang eases anxiety.