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What this self-proclaimed geek girl never goes without

What this self-proclaimed geek girl never goes without

Each and every one of our LOLA customers make our community so special. They’re intelligent, strong, and constantly doing what they can to better their communities. It’s no surprise then that we’re always excited to get to know them better! Each month, in our “LOLA limelight” series, we’re talking to one of our many incredible customers about the things they’re passionate about, motivated to achieve, and contributing to the communities around them.

Name: Sade’ Paige
Age: 26
City: Astoria, NY
Occupation: Product Development Manager by day & Illustrator, Vintage Fashion & Nerd Culture Influencer by night (@whatpaigeisit)

What’s something you’ve done in the past few years that you’re especially proud of?
Putting myself out there! I started a blog about 3 years ago and let myself to be vulnerable online. I started with writing about work life and it evolved into Illustrations, Nerd Culture, and Vintage Fashion.

Where do you find motivation?
I think I find myself being more disciplined than motivated. I know in my gut that I’ll be upset with myself for not waking up early before work to finalize a sketch or writing a blog post. I give up sleeping in on Saturdays to take outfit shots for instagram and catch up on anything else that I need to finish.

Basically, 75% of the time I’m disciplined and the other 25% I’m motivated by my goals.

Why do you think it’s important to give back to your community? What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to get more involved in their community?
I’m in a Geek Girls Facebook group community where we share and support each other with our creative endeavors. I love it because not many of my friends are as nerdy as I am but they do support the geek that I am. It’s honestly the nicest group of people and I love that there’s so much support for what we share within that niche. If you’re wanting to get involved in a community within your creative endeavors you can find them pretty easily online. I googled Geek Girl Groups to find mine, and there are also some YouTubers who have created Facebook groups other than geek related that are for creators of all kinds. I love R Cody Wanner, for example — he has built an amazing community just by making the hashtag #nosmallcreator

What made you decide to try LOLA? Why have you remained a LOLA subscriber?
I first found LOLA through ads on Instagram. I researched it for a while before ordering my first box and have only used LOLA since! I continue using LOLA because It feels like a loving community vs. just a product being sold to me.

What do you wish someone had told you about your period and/or sex when you were growing up?
I wish my parents were more open to talking about sex to me.

My parents did give me the “sex talk” but I was only 10 so it went right over my head and was handed one of those flyers from the doctors office. When I was ACTUALLY interested in sex and told my mom at 14 she told me that she would send me off to my dad’s if I had sex. I was afraid to ever bring it up to her again. I started having sex at 16 and my mom never found out until I told her I needed to go to the doctor’s because I had a UTI. Side note, never got shipped to my dad’s! Ha!

Could you share your first period story?
I was sitting in science class. Embarrassed, I walked up to my teacher and asked to go to the nurses office. In front of everyone she asked why and I whispered in her ear that I got my period. Went to the nurses and was given what felt like a diaper for a pad.

Fast Facts:
How old were you when you got your period for the first time?
I was 11.

What is your favorite LOLA product?
The Essential Oil Blend. Honestly, best invention ever!

What would you put in a PMS survival kit?
The Essential Oil Blend, small bottle of wine & a Netflix gift card

Who is one woman you admire?
Lady Gaga, her talent and strength are beyond admirable