Like anything in life, in order to be successful you need the right tools to get to the top of your game. Your sex life is no exception. Whether you’re looking to have fun on your own or with a partner, the right sex toys can take your orgasms to the next level. If you’re a bonafide sex toy aficionado looking for your next purchase, we’ve got you. However, if the world of sexual devices is new and intimidating for you, we’re breaking it all down for you here. Ahead, is the ultimate guide to vibrators, dildos, penis rings, strap-ons, and more. Trust us, the hunt for the perfect toy is far less daunting than it seems.

Vibrating bullets
An affordable introduction to sex toys, a vibrating bullet is the most discreet and straightforward gadget there is. Perfect for solo masturbation, this tiny tool is used to stimulate the clitoris for mind-blowing orgasms. It can also be used with a partner during intercourse or oral sex, though its small size can make it difficult to handle while engaging with your partner. This dual-bullet vibrator is a great choice for female couples.

A dildo is a sex toy designed for penetration. Typically engineered with a tapered tip, dildos come in a variety of styles: Some resemble a penis, others have a curve to hit your G-spot, and others come with tactile features like ridged shafts for extra stimulation. Dildos are perfect for masturbation, male anal stimulation, and girl-on-girl action. For female couples, a dual-ended dildo penetrates both partners at the same time or works for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration.

The rabbit
If you’ve talked to any sex-toy enthusiast, they’ve probably mentioned the rabbit at one point or another. A combination of a dildo and a vibrator, the shaft of a rabbit moves for intense internal stimulation, while the attached clitoral stimulator enhances pleasure. You can choose from a variety of battery-powdered shafts that thrust or rotate, which make it great for solo play.

While strap-ons are popular among same-sex female couples, they can also be used for role reversal in heterosexual couples. A strap-on consists of a dildo attached to harness that you, strap onto your waist. It is used in place of a penis and works by thrusting your hips into your partner. Keep in mind when shopping that, while many realistic dildos are strap-on compatible, there’s no guarantee your favorite one will fit on every harness.

Penis rings
Just as the name suggests, a penis ring slips around the base of a man’s shaft. Penis rings limit blood flow to and from the shaft, which causes slight swelling. This instantly increases length and girth of your man’s penis, as well as increasing stamina. Translation: more intense penetration for you. To get even more intense orgasms, opt for a vibrating penis ring that simultaneously provides clitoral stimulation.

Butt plugs
Unlike other toys meant for the bedroom, butt plugs are designed to be worn for extended periods of time, whether you’re running errands or on a date. They are designed with tapered tips and an extended base to ensure it doesn’t get lost in your rectum. Butt plugs can be used in preparation for anal sex, for extended pleasure, or for added more intense orgasms during masturbation or sex with a partner. There’s even a super techy vibrating version that pairs with an app to control yours or a partners sensations.

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