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Myth busting: Is squirting just peeing?

Myth busting: Is squirting just peeing?

Yep — we’re talking about the mystery fluid that shoots out of some women during orgasm or stimulation. Maybe you’ve seen it in porn, squirted yourself, read about it online, listened to your friend brag about her fountain-like abilities, or wondered if it’s actually legit or just pee.

We’ve known about squirting since the fourth century, where it’s mentioned in several ancient Chinese Taoist texts. Aristotle, an ancient Greek scientist and philosopher, described the emission of female fluids in his medical writings around 300 B.C. These days, doctors remain interested in squirting and are conducting clinical experiments to learn more about it. Is it the same biological response as male ejaculation? And, um, what exactly… gets squirted — is it pee, or something else entirely? Does it come out of the vagina or the bladder?

The intrigue surrounding squirting is definitely not limited to clinicians. Maybe you’ve personally experienced it or have always been curious how it happens. We turned to science to answer your — and our — most pressing questions.

Let’s talk vocab: ‘squirting’ vs. ‘female ejaculation’

While the terms “squirting” and “female ejaculation” are often used interchangeably, research shows these physiological responses and the substances they produce are different.

In this 2011 study, researchers performed biochemical analysis on two distinct female fluids expelled during sex. The “clear and abundant” fluid ejected in gushes was described as being similar to diluted urine. The second liquid was found to be comparable to components of male semen and released in smaller quantities compared to the other. The authors concluded, “The real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate, while squirting is the expulsion of a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.”

Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, tells BuzzFeed, “Since it’s such a tiny amount and some gets pushed back into the vagina, you may not notice [female ejaculate].”

Squirting for science
In 2014, scientists decided to take their studies of squirting and female ejaculation a step further by performing a biochemical analysis of the fluids emitted (similar to the 2011 study) and pelvic ultrasound scans to observe the bladder. Seven women reporting “massive fluid emission” during sexual stimulation participated in the study.

First, the researchers asked the women to empty their bladders, provide a urine sample, and then undergo a pelvic ultrasound. The second part of the study required the women to become sexually aroused in an examination room, either alone or with a partner. As the women neared orgasm, they were asked to undergo another ultrasound. (Sounds like a turn on, right?) After this second ultrasound, the women resumed sexual stimulation in the exam room. After eventually orgasming and squirting, the researchers requested another urine sample and performed yet another ultrasound. They also collected the squirting sample.

Here’s what they discovered: the first ultrasound confirmed the women’s bladders were empty after using the bathroom before arousal. But the researchers observed a noticeable filling of the women’s bladders from the ultrasound taken right before squirting. After squirting, the third and final ultrasound revealed women’s bladders appeared to be empty once again. This suggested the squirting samples were urine.

When the researchers compared the chemical makeup of the urine and squirting samples, they discovered that they closely resembled each other. (The researchers did not observe the presence of female ejaculate in any of the squirting and post-squirting samples from five out of seven of the women. However, it was present in samples for two participants.)

The authors wrote, “The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.” This means the researchers believe that squirting is primarily just pee, though there may be a small amount of fluid from from the female prostate in the liquid, too.

So, if you squirt, what’s on your sheets? According to science, probably just pee. There’s a chance, however, that some female ejaculate may also be present. Thanks to research, we also know that that vaginal squirting is a thing and that it’s quite different from female ejaculation, in terms of how much is produced and where the fluid comes from. (There you have it, Aristotle.)

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  • There is a spot you can literally push on near gspot to help you piss, it’s like a mother dog licking her pups to help them pee and shit. No females don’t ejaculate across the room men can’t even do that unless they piss. There is not that much mystery to a women, stop looking for it. Enjoy Sex stop mimicking or expecting things enjoy each other.

  • Sometimes when I take a *really* big shit, that feels good too. I’m going to try curling one out while I wank and see if that turns out euphoric.

  • I had a girlfriend who ejaculated twice during intercourse. Despite what these researchers say, she definitely squirted, or more accurately gushed fluid from her vagina and NOT pee from her Urethra. I felt the fluid gush out all around my penis rather than above it as would have happened if she’d peed. Pee can’t suddenly, magically wind up gushing completely around a guys cock as it’s thrusting inside her. She had a slightly embarrassed look/smile on her face. Not what you might expect if she had peed all over my cock and her bed sheets. Sadly, I didn’t talk about it with her. It was quite an erotic sensation. If she’d pissed all over her bed sheets, I’m sure she would have quickly pulled them off and taken them to the laundry. I have never experienced this with a partner before or since. As said, the sensation was the same both times and I loved that this happened when I was fucking her. I have watched plenty of porn videos of women squirting and in virtually every single one the woman is clearly pissing. I think I found one or two where the fluid appeared to be gushing from the vagina.

  • No debate , All I can say is the difference between squirtting and peeing. For me is when I pee, have sex, or even just masturbating I’m not tired afterwards.
    But when I squirt I’m tired 🥱 😴 as Hell.

    • Yeah the tiredness if more likely from the intense orgasm that caused you to lose control of your bladder and piss all over the damn bed. ^^

      • I had a girlfriend who definitely squirted or gushed more accurately, as I fucked her. It wasn’t pee. Most or all porn is just peeing. I’d say it would be very, very hard to film genuine cases of ‘squirting’. The sensation was amazing and I felt a quick flood of fluid rush out from her vagina completely around my cock. Not remotely possible if she had just peed on me.

    • Check my comment. The vast majority of so called squirting in porn is just peeing but luckily I did experience a partner genuinely squirting or gushing as I fucked her.

  • I started squirting almost 15 years ago and I can literally squirt across the room ALOT it’s NOT all urine but when it dries on my sheets it has a faint smell of urine

    • I agree. Embarrassingly my urine is yellowish with a normal urine sometimes strong. I can fully control it also. But when I squirt (which is not the same as a clitoral orgasm, it’s only from gspot stimulation) it has no color at all. But after sitting on sheets next to the wash for a couple days, I can smell a human like urine smell. Faint however. Have to be throwing them in the wash to smell it. But to back this up I took and azo, which turns your urine ORANGE… urinated before sex, bright orange, squirted during sex, no color, urinated after, bright orange. So I don’t deny it comes from the bladder but I fully believe it’s built up from being turned on and not just straight pee. So sure it has a urine odor after time. If you pour water into an empty gallon of milk and let it sit, then pour it out… guess what the water is milky and smells like milk. But is it milk 100%? No.

      • Its 100% urine, its not some magical orgasm juice its just the water your body would naturally use to flush urea out of your body without as high of an actual urea content in it because the process is rushed during sexual stimulation. If you water down milk what do you get, 1% milk. its still milk.

    • To be honest, I think you should know where the fluid is coming from. I doubt very much whether ANY woman could genuinely squirt from their vagina across a room. Pee, yes! I experienced a girlfriend squirt or gush from her vagina as I was fucking her twice. It was very quick and flooded out completely around my cock. Just a quick burst. Sadly, I didn’t ask her how often she did that during sex.

  • So in conclusion, is it just water mixed with a very small amount of urine? And if you peed before, it is just only water then?

  • You don’t need to be embarrassed even if it is pee. If you don’t want to make a mess use an adult diaper. They’re comfy and nowadays come in a variety of colors and prints for people who are into abdl. It’s what I use for prostate milking because that also comes out as a nearly clear, pee like fluid in large quantities. If your s/o doesn’t like it then im sure you’d not have a hard time finding someone who does. Maybe find a man to peg and you can both squirt 😉

    • Sorry to piss on your parade but I had a GF who DEFINTELY squirted or gushed more accurately, from her vagina as I fucked her. If she’d peed, it would have felt completely different. The Urethra is above the vagina last time I looked and I would have felt her peeing above and onto my cock. What I felt was a very quick gush of fluid completely around my cock from her vagina as I fucked her. Only happened twice and never with any other GF. Quite a unique and strangely, pleasant sensation. All porn is peeing. It would be very difficult to film a woman genuinely squirting. I don’t believe women who can, have any great control over when it happens.

  • It is definitely not urine. My girlfriend who is 45 just discovered this blissful feeling for the first time a couple months ago or about 9 squirts ago. I have also discovered how to make her do it on demand and yes it has everything to do with the G spot. She said she often feels like she has to pee sometimes but not all the time only when I’m in a certain spot. Well being a male and having to get prostate exams, I also know that pee feeling when a certain spot is being pushed on and trust me if I let it go, it’s not urine. You can try this on your man if your adventurous. By putting pressure on the prostate you can make him cum. So after 9 squirts of course we have done our own studies on this fluid and we both agreed it does not smell like urine, it is clear, it is salty to the taste almost like sweat. And if you ever had kids that peed the bed, you know it smells after a few times. Well our bed has no smell and in fact there is no stain either.almost the same as spilling water.

    • It’s diluted pee, have you ever had to take a water pill. You pee is just about clear. Squirting might have some pussy cum in it, but it’s still pee.

    • You sound like a lucky man. I’ve only experienced it twice with the same GF. Mind you, if we’d stayed together, I’m sure I would have experience the warm sensation of a gush of ‘cum’ from her vagina several more times. It is a real thing despite all the negative denial comments here. Pretty much all porn is pissing not squirting.

  • It’s not pee. Try it, taste it, smell it, look at it. It’s just not pee. Period. Or, rather, peeriod.

    I dare anyone who claims it is pee to drink a glass of female ejaculate vs. a glass of urine from the same woman half an hour later. The difference will shock you.

  • So I’m playing with my dildo other day. I’m feeling like this pessure coming and I’m feeling like have pee. So I’m do. It was clear and smell little bit pee but it was frist time it happend to ☺️🙈is that classfiled squaring

  • I “squirt” when I orgasm sometimes and I’m pretty dang sure its pee. I did it with my husband for the first time tonight and made him smell the sheets after. He said it smelled like pee. I also used to get myself to squirt right after peeing, just to see if it actually was pee, and that also smelled like pee even though I had just relieved myself. So I’ve tried to avoid squirting because I didnt want to pee on my husband. Today, however, I relaxed and…. yep. I’m glad to see other women who say they pee too so I feel less awkward. (Side note: my hubby doesn’t care if its pee, he’s just proud of himself that he got me to squirt lol).

  • I met this girl who squirted on the first night (a small amount) on my bed. She warned me when it was about to happen and I would say most of what came out when it dried on the bed was her cum. However, last night and the night before last when we were having sex she squirted so hard that I had to sleep on the past 2 nights. Since she had never squirted that hard this came a s a surprise to her too. Here’s the kicker. She went to the bathroom just about 3 minutes before she squirted…. idk how fast a bladder could possibly fill up but I’d say she squirted my on me than she let off in the toilet….

    • So I can only squirt when I have a half full to full bladder. I can’t do it when my bladder is empty. I also have a very tilted pelvis. Either way my husband loves it. So if it is pee, oh well lol its sterile then. My bed doesn’t smell like pee though.

  • Ok so now that we know that squirting is pee and when g-spot is stimulated small amount white to clear fluid from the skene gland is definitely accommodated by an orgasm (with my girlfriend this happens ) but can a person orgasm when squirting urine? It’s two different things I understand by my gf doesn’t think she can orgasm when squirting from her bladder. But either of us know what to believe and she’s hesitant to try

    • I never thought I was able to either!!! Push out like you are pushing when you poop but when you orgasm! This week make you squirt! Keep pushing until you can’t push anymore. Amaze balls.

    • It feels different for me. I’ve only done it at the same time once, it felt like they were fighting each other. Get her a little rose they are like 50$ super worth it. I’ve been squirting non stop husband is overjoyed. Squirting doesn’t really feel good like the big finish. For me I pee just before playing and with the excitement it fills up so fast that you feel the release of pressure when I squirt feels good but I way more prefer to orgasm. As I said tho my hubby loves it so I’m happy to do it for him, I generally squirt a few small ones after the big first, before I climax.

    • Isn’t that true!! Why are we all worried about what it is and let’s have a discussion regarding how women that squirt feel when they do it. Every woman who squirts says it feels amazing!! Different from an orgasm for sure but still amazing.

  • In researching squirting how come all scientific data is based off of one study with ONLY seven participants! I understand it’s not common or easy to conduct this kind of research study but let’s not base all answers off one study of seven people, would you do it with any other scientific research?

    • Yo peep game as a husband, I read the article and the study.. that’s not what the study said and it miscatergorizes the situation.. look..
      “..the researchers observed a noticeable filling of the women’s bladders from the ultrasound taken right before squirting. After squirting, the third and final ultrasound revealed women’s bladders appeared to be empty once again.” They ASSUME because the bladder is filling that it must be with urine. When if you think about it engineering wise, there’s no way for a woman whose testes and the like have never descended and are her ovaries and thus fallopian tubes to ejaculate in the EXACT same manner as a male. They simply were not thorough enough to make certain that the fluid that filled the bladder actually came from the kidneys, as that would denote if it was actually urine regardless of the composition.

      Also during ejaculation or sex period, a woman’s bladder doesn’t close like a man’s does, which is similarly why, women are more prone to UTIs from engaging in regular sexual activity.

      Last the conclusion was, “The present data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyses indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although a marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to the emitted fluid often exists.” Which in of itself is a poor conclusion because it in FULL context with the first quote means LITERALLY (if we take their assumptive understanding) that sex makes women urinate. An empty bladder becomes full because of sexual intercourse? Since when and why? Exactly. It doesn’t.

      I’m not saying squirt is strictly GSpot fluid but it’s definitely not pee in the majority. Also they clearly did not account for the notion that some women are urinating simply because they aren’t knowledgeable of how to squirt and think they’re squirting.

      Don’t lose heart. They just saw what they wanted and most likely are dudes that ain’t never made a woman do so.

      Good luck.

      • Thank you for this. I have been trying to squirt for years and finally realized it’s about relaxing and g spot stimulating…I always gave up because of muscle fatigue lol. But tonight I did it !! And then saw this article, like dam. So thank you…I’m glad I didn’t pee on myself. It felt fantastic!

      • They did not assume it was just piss from the emptiness of the bladder, but from the biochemical analysis; could you at least read the study well, imbecile?

      • That was an awesome deduction and close evaluation of what exactly was done and said in their conclusion and I totally agree with you! Thank you for spelling it out! That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read it!! Great job especially coming from a man!!

      • Women are more prone to UTIs because their urethra is shorter. Also, please show me any anatomical drawing that shows anything other than the kidneys draining into the bladder. How someone with such a low IQ can even manage to type a rant this long on the internet is truly amazing

  • Whether it is pee or not, someone else’s opinion on what happens in other people’s sex lives is uncalled for.

    As a squirter myself, I came here looking for answers and reassurance probably like most. I think whether you squirt or not should not be judged so harshly. Are guys this bad at poking fun on each others’ penises?

  • I’ve read about such research multiple times, yet it does not make sense to me. Here’s my experience:
    – fingered a girl with both of us standing up, me in front of her. So my hand was covering her urethra. So if she would have just peed, it would have ended up in my hand
    – She squirted and quite a lot of fluid ended up on the floor. This means, the fluid cam out of her vagina, not her urethra.

    So I concluded, that it cannot be pee. Or is the bladder connected to the vagina?

  • I have only squirted once abs it was a lite smell of urine but yet the best orgasm I have ever had … I want to be able to do that again

  • Squirting is pee. Anyone that disagrees then try this. Get a sterile one time use disposable female catheter, stick it in the urethra and drain the bladder completely. Then get the woman who apparently squirts all the time to try it after the bladder is empty of urine..

    • That’s basically what I did! I peed then 3 minutes later messed around with my vibrator and squirted! How can it possibly be urine?

    • And she will fill it up again, but this time it won’t be urine it will be ejaculate fluid. I empty my bladder before squirting and I ejaculate plenty of fluid. It is clear fluid that does not taste or smell like you urine.

  • One ERROR in the article: Women do NOT have prostates! (Their comparable organ is called a “skene gland”.)

  • Sooo like I just got done having sex with my Husband and I peed before sex so I peed whip my self and and got right to it and when I “squirt” I feel like if I peed well my bf smell the sheet to see if it had like a smell and he said yeah like pee but it’s not strong tho ??? So I’m still confused is it pee or not cuz when I let gooo it feeeellllsss sooooo gooooooodddd

  • I reckon a very high percentage of alleged squirting in porn is purely urine. Female ejaculate could never be so profuse and in porn terms not nearly as spectacular

  • I had the urge to pee during intercourse as I do from time to time. One night my ex wanted to test if I was a squirter, so he held me around my waist, and wouldn’t let me stop to use the bathroom. And yup, I peed on him. Bet he never did that again. We laughed about it years later.

  • You misread the study.

    5 of the 7 women DID have PSA/ejaculate — the material from the Skene glands — in their squirt sample. Not, as you wrote, that only 2 had the dilution.

    They also noted that the bladder refills extremely quickly during sexual arousal. It takes an hour for the bladder to fill 2oz, and it takes even more to produce the feeling of needing to pee. In these women (as with most of us who squirt), it refilled in the time it took to get aroused — presumably within half an hour. Other similar studies noted that this is very diluted fluid, and while it contains some urine components (like precum and ejaculate in penises), is not the same composition, and does not smell strongly most of the time, if at all.

    Of note: Salama, the lead on the French 2014 study, is mentioned in a New Scientist article as going on to study if the kidney produces more urine during arousal, and if so, why?

    But ultimately, in the last 40 years since western science took notice of this phenomenon, maybe a handful of clinical studies have been done — not counting anecdotal gyno opinions and reviews — and all with very small sample sizes. Until we get more studies with a greater sample size and some quality science on the clitorial/uterine pleasure system….. keep squirtin’.

    • It’s pee. What’s wrong with your selective reading? Of course there’s going to be some secretion mixed in there because they are being aroused. That’s the thick stuff they were talking about. All that means is that some of it got in, on, or around the urethra which is completely possible when you are stimulating yourself. When urine was expelled, those secretions were collected in the samples as well. If you want to piss on your partners and sheets, just be upfront with it. If you have incontinence, then just say that instead of saying you’re a squirter. Geez. Much easier than to use mental gymnastics to explain away pee!

      • why you being so rude 😂 so what if it’s pee, don’t be demeaning about it-what a waste of typing. obviously you didn’t read the entire comment either, or miss read it or jus didn’t *fudgin care and just wanted to be rude for no reason. the comment makes some good points, you’re just here to make people who enjoy being a squirter feel like they’re doing something wrong. it’s a beyond amazing climax and an awesome man like mine (or woman partner) enjoy seeing their partner have an incredible climax 😊

        • Good for u!!! It doesn’t matter what it is!!! If u do it…if u don’t… if u don’t&want to…every guy i know thinks it’s hot as f@$k so the ignorant people on here that r judging&bad mouthing people r the 1s truly lost…this is not an uncommon thing over half of women do it…if u want exact #s 52%of women squirt.(according to the medical journal) It’s not uncommon or rare,more do it then don’t. So maybe they’re just jealous because they AREN’T part of the group🤷😂

      • Maybe maybe but if it’s pee then how come it only happens when your turned on highly and cuming also another thing is as a female I have had sex that was mediocre or bad but still orgasmed but I did not experience this, and on the other hand when sex is omg gooooooood then I do, huh????

    • 1st off all YOU read the article wrong dear so take ur own notes READ! 5 only had pee, 2 had pee &a small about of cum…and ur figures about the time to fill a bladder& pee…then explain why i can completely empty my bladder on the toilet & not even make it back to the couch before heading back to the bathroom for round 2. All depends on ur body &what ur drinking!
      Go out drinking & break the seal&tell me how many HOURS before ur back in the bathroom going pee AGAIN!! IT AIN’T HOURS SWEETHEART, IT’S MINS!!!

  • I’ll pee before I play with my jack rabbit and still end up squirting. And it’s not like a ton of time has passed – it’s usually like 10 minutes if I’m doing it right. So either the human bladder fills up fast or it’s not just pee.

    • I’m a man and I can give you an example where the same exact thing happens to me and has nothing to do with sex. When I had a test at school or university I would pee before going because I knew I will always have to pee during the exams. After 10 minutes (if was I was extremely nervous) I would have again to pee and my pee was very clear and looked like water. Sometimes even if I was extremely thirsty. It didn’t matter if I had peed 15 minutes ago and drunk no water, I would always have to pee when I was feeling nervous. Squirting seems to be the same thing. You can empty your bladder but in some women your own body fills the bladder fast without even filtering barely anything in the kidneys and you just pee again when you are aroused. But squirt is not the same as cumming. Women’s cum is vaginal secretions and a white stuff that looks like men sperm. Both can happen at the same time or separately.

  • I play with my sex toy at least once a week during this quarantine, and each time I do , I ALWAYSSSSSSS squirt. First time I did , I was embarrassed (in my own room) because it smelt like light pee, but the sensation felt soooo good . So now when I play with Mr. PINKY (lol), I place a towel and bag underneath so nothing stains . Funny thing… I only squirt with this toy ..never with an actual man =/

    • Same here. I was worried I had an incontinence problem but it didn’t really smell like pee. Never had this happen with a guy. Only a toy. And I peed before playtime.

    • It’s ok. You might get to where that changes. At first I only came with my lover’s fingers, then a toy, then with my fingers, then when he dick whipped me and now I squirt on his dick. He’s the only one I did that with and I was married to someone else for 23 years. It was like I got trained to do it. I honestly can’t help but squirt now. I couldn’t stop it if I tried.

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