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Introducing LOLA’s Sexual Wellness Kit

Introducing LOLA’s Sexual Wellness Kit

LOLA was born from a simple question: have you ever wondered what’s in a tampon? What started as a desire to bring transparency to period products has grown into a mission to build a lifelong brand that empowers women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health, from their first period to their last hot flash. And yet, with each new product we introduce, we’ve uncovered more questions and topics often considered taboo, and an opportunity to provide support, helpful information, and encourage candid dialogue.

Sex is no different, so — let’s talk about it. In our experience, sex was accompanied by a whole slew of questions — and not just when we first started having it! In our search for answers, we often found that starting conversations around sex was either awkward or we weren’t getting the kind of information we could trust. And we’re not alone – we interviewed over 900 women, and 54% of them crave a trusted source to help them feel empowered and in control of their sex life — other women we spoke to feel this way, too.

That’s why we created LOLA’s Sexual Wellness Kit — the first of its kind — to provide products and information to help women feel informed and prepared.

Anchoring the kit is LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to sexual wellness, a 50-page printed book that serves as a primer on sex: how to talk about it, how to have it, and how to make it safe and satisfying. Authored by the team at LOLA with contributions from medical professionals Dr. Corina Dunlap and Dr. Wendy Hurst, the guide covers everything from anatomy and approaches to starting conversations and setting expectations.

In addition, the kit ($34) includes an assortment of Sex by LOLA products like ultra thin, lubricated condoms made with natural rubber latex, gynecologist-approved personal lubricant, 100% bamboo soaked cleansing wipes, plus a convenient pouch for carrying on the go, all in a keepsake box for at-home storage.

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, LOLA designed this kit to help you make educated decisions about your sexual practices and feel in control of your sex life. Welcome to Sex Ed 2.0!