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How LOLA is changing first periods for the better

How LOLA is changing first periods for the better

This month at LOLA we launched our First Period Kit. It’s filled with everything a girl needs for her first period including tampons, pads, and liners made with organic cotton. We also included a carrying pouch and stickers for cycle tracking. As we developed the kit, we talked to teens, parents, doctors, and teachers and a common thread became clear: many girls don’t feel prepared for their first period. Through April, we’re tackling some of the most requested first period topics on The Broadcast. Want more first period tips? Check out our e-book: LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to your first period, co-written with leading pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Stern.

We founded LOLA with a simple and seemingly obvious idea — you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to feminine care products. That’s why we created LOLA: feminine care made with 100% organic cotton pads and tampons, in custom assortments, delivered directly to your door. Since then, we’ve shared our own first period stories, heard from hundreds of customers about their own, and advised parents asking for help to prepare their daughters.

Once again, we found ourselves struck with a simple and seemingly obvious idea — puberty can be awkward, but periods shouldn’t be. Half the population experiences menstruation in their life and the other half indirectly experiences it (dads and brothers gave us some of our best insights!), yet over and over again we heard stories of embarrassment, ill preparedness, nervousness, anxiety, and surprise. In fact, 77% of women we surveyed reported that they felt these negative emotions the first time they used a tampon. Why is this statistic so high?!

So we decided to go right to the source: girls who were about to get their periods, girls who had just gotten them, middle schoolers, high schoolers, older sisters, moms, dads, teachers, doctors — literally everyone who could possibly be involved in this one, big moment in a girl’s life. And, we learned a TON!

Our top 5 list:

1. Parents are confused in the feminine care aisle and don’t know where to go to find the right products. The “introductory” slender-fit teen tampons that girls were given 20-30 years ago no longer exist, so they are not sure where to start.

2. Girls want to start fresh and be told the real deal. “I never want to have chemicals inside my body,” and “I wish someone had told me what was actually going to come out of my body” were the most commonly repeated quotes from our interviews with them.

3. There is not one pre-kitted first period kit available today that features products made with 100% organic cotton, and most of the kits offered online contain superfluous cutesy items like hair ties and lip balm that have nothing to do with periods.

4. Over 60% of women did not feel prepared for their first period, and 69% wish they were given a kit to be prepared, especially in the event it happened away from home.

5. A majority of parents that have talked with their daughters about their first periods wish they had been more prepared to arm them with better, more age-appropriate information.

It became clear through our research that a product solution was just part of what we needed to create — there was also a huge information gap that we had to fill. So we enlisted the help of Dr. Lisa Stern, a leading pediatrician with 25 years of experience and LOLA’s go-to medical expert, to help us write our first e-book, LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to your first period. Our guide is full of honest, straightforward information from how to talk about your period to understanding how hormones drive body and brain changes, and features a Q&A to address the top questions we heard from girls and their parents. Paired with our keepsake box filled with a curated selection of first period products, our Period Kit has covered everything a girl could need to be ready for her first period.

We’re so excited to launch it into the world, so that no girl ever has to experience the moment that too many of us experienced when we were caught totally unprepared by our first periods.

Jordana (first period at 13)
Alex (first period at 14)
Co-founders, LOLA