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LOLA asks 15 inspiring women about gender equality

LOLA asks 15 inspiring women about gender equality

On August 26, 1920, after decades fighting for their rights, women finally secured the right to vote in the United States. This huge step for women paved the way toward equality. Nearly a century later, we’ve made significant progress, but still have a long way to go.

As a female-forward company, LOLA believes and advocates for equality for women in all aspects of their lives, but especially when it comes to the issues that affect their reproductive health. In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we asked a few women who inspire us to share the progress they want to see when it comes to gender equality, in their reproductive lives and beyond. Here’s what they had to say:

Menstrual care should be taxed the same way other personal care necessities are because…
“Menstrual care is already exempt from sales tax in 7 states, let’s keep this party goin.’” — Brooklyn Decker, Founder of Finery

“The tampon tax amounts to discriminatory gender-based taxation. We shouldn’t have to pay a penalty to the state for having periods.” —  Jennifer Weiss Wolf, Author of Periods Gone Public

“Current and future generations of people who bleed deserve access to comfort and dignity.” —  Kiran Gandi, Music Producer and Activist

We should have equal say when it comes to sex down to the products we use because…
“A woman’s body is just as important as a man’s body.” —  Anu Duggal, Founder, Female Founders Fund

“It’s insane that we have to answer this question in 2018!”  — Audrey Gelman, Founder and CEO, The Wing

We should have equal access to parental leave because…
“Short or unpaid maternity leaves are a major obstacle to breastfeeding. When women go back to work they generally need to pump to continue breastfeeding. Pumping at work without proper accommodations (which many companies don’t have) is really difficult. If 80% of mothers breastfed for 6 months, the US could save $10.5 billion a year in healthcare costs—and that benefits everyone!” —  Christine Dodson and Sascha Mayer, Co-founders, Mamava

“Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s 2018. Equal access to parental leave isn’t a “woman’s” issue – it’s good economics (remember, women make up a near majority of the breadwinners in the U.S!!). We’re all better off when women and men are empowered to be caregivers.” —  Reshma Saujani, Founder, Girls who Code

“A healthy economy depends on healthy and financially secure families—and 84% of all voters agree!”  Elise Loehnen, CCO, GOOP

We should be paid equally for equal work because…
“I have no words to explain to my new granddaughter why 99 of the 100 best paid athletes are men; why great actresses still get paid less than middling actors; or why working women across America earn 82 cents for every dollar a man makes. She deserves better. It’s time.” —  Susan Lyne, Managing Partner, BBG Ventures

“That’s just what’s fair. And if the Equal Pay Act is 55 years old… how are we still having this conversation!” — Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier, Co-Founders, LOLA

Our political leaders should reflect the diverse needs of our genders because…
“Otherwise we are only getting one point of view.” —  Marawa Wamp, World Record Holder

“Half our population are women. We should be represented by those who truly embody our needs.” —  Claire Wasserman, Founder, Ladies Get Paid

“We represent 51% of the population and can not be ignored.” — Shilpa Shah, Co-founder, Cuyana

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