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How this wellness warrior (and LOLA user) finds inspiration in NYC

How this wellness warrior (and LOLA user) finds inspiration in NYC

Each and every one of our LOLA customers makes our community so special. They’re intelligent, strong, and constantly doing what they can to better their communities. It’s no surprise that we’re always excited to get to know them better! Each month, in our “LOLA Limelight” series, we’re talking to one of our many incredible customers about the things they’re passionate about, what they’re motivated to achieve, and how they’re contributing to the world  around them.

Name: Rosalia Chann
Age: 33
City: New York City
Occupation: Celebrity Trainer + Holistic Healer/Coach

What’s something you’ve done in the past few years that you’re especially proud of?
I created my business three years ago to help people become the best versions of themselves through fitness, health, and wellness. My brand mission is to give back to young women so that they align with themselves at an early age, and build longevity and sustainability.

Where do you find motivation?
I find motivation and inspiration from interactions with like-minded people and love to get into nature, walking around Soho and seeing dance/art/music.

Why do you think it’s important to give back to your community? What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to get more involved in their community?
I find it so empowering to give back to my community through my workshops for young women and I love helping others in general. It fills my heart and soul.

If you are feeling called to service, listen to your heart and take action where feel you can help. No need to wait for an invitation!

What made you decide to try LOLA? Why have you remained a LOLA subscriber?
I tried LOLA tampons as a sample from an event. I love that they are female-made, organic, and delivered to my door.

What do you wish someone had told you about your period and/or sex when you were growing up?
My mom sat me down when I was a pre-teen and was very open about teaching me about my period and sex. And then I also heard stories from older girls in my dance company!

Could you share your first period story?
I was 13 and in 7th grade. I remember that I was feeling stomach cramps at the end of the day. I thought it was an upset stomach and when I went to the bathroom, I discovered that it was actually my period. Thank god I was on my way home and took care of it!

Fast facts:
How old were you when you got your period for the first time?
What is your favorite LOLA product?
Compact plastic applicator tampons
What would you put in a PMS survival kit?
Advil and cookie dough
Who is one woman you admire?
My mom!