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Welcome to The Broadcast

Welcome to The Broadcast

When we came up with the concept for LOLA and decided to become tampon entrepreneurs in 2014, it was the first time in our lives that we talked tampons and periods openly with everyone we knew. That summer, we told our friends why we were switching over to cotton tampons, and by Thanksgiving, all of our close friends, sisters, and cousins had made the switch too.

In the two years that followed, we’ve talked to thousands of women about our common desire to be healthy, make smart decisions for our bodies, and be open about topics like periods and sex. Through these conversations, we’ve picked up so many tips and tricks about how to live our healthiest lives and kept tabs on a long list of topics that go undiscussed!

At our brand’s core, we want to help women invest in their own well-being and provide the information that enables them to make smart choices. It’s in all of our best interest to get these topics out in the open. Given the incredible conversations we’ve had, and the number of questions we’ve received about women’s health and wellness since our launch, we’ve decided to to bring these topics to life and share our learnings with you all.

Today we are thrilled to introduce The Broadcast, a new website for women to discover the latest trends in health, wellness, natural living and women’s issues. Our content covers topics such as how to hack your period, why your vagina needs its own workout routine, and what happens to your body on a juice cleanse. We dive deep into areas like why female entrepreneurs aren’t getting funded and how to fight for your rights for equal orgasms in the bedroom.

What do you want to learn more about? We hope that this platform will serve as a conversation between us, and look forward to hearing your questions and ideas. Also, if you want to contribute, please email us at

And now, without further ado, happy reading!

Alex & Jordana
Co-Founders, LOLA