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My first time: Allison Williams

My first time: Allison Williams

Like her character Marnie Michaels on Girls, Allison Williams has had her fair share of awkward moments. In a recent podcast interview, she shared the story of her first period, and we’re all still squirming… in a totally loving, empathetic way.

“Between 7th and 8th grade, I went on a trip to France for a summer on an exchange thing. I got all the brochures, I begged my parents, I probably wrote an essay about why I should go on this trip, what it would mean to me. My parents were like, ‘this feels like we’re just putting money into a garbage disposal, but… we’ll see.’ And I loved French and I loved France and I wanted to see the country. And so I went with this group of kids and the flight we took was [an] overnight flight to France, which, of course, was my first experience, and it’s a bunch of 7th and 8th graders. And so, no one sleeps the whole flight; they’re just up talking, and it was a blast.

“So we land, and we get to the hostel, and I go to the bathroom, and I had shat myself. And I was like, ‘That’s so weird because I didn’t feel this happen. And I didn’t know, and usually you know [when you shit yourself].’” Finally, she decides, “Alright, we’ll chalk that one up to first day camp nerves, weird overnight flight, it’s all good.

“I put on new underwear. We go out for an excursion. We came back. I go to the bathroom, and I had shat myself again! And I was like, ‘This is so weird because I’m not even feeling this happen.’” Realizing what happens, she continues, “And then, like a movie, a thought bubble forms, like Blue’s Clues, over my head, and I picture my cool friend Jaymie’s even cooler older sister Jocie saying in an echo-y voice, ‘When you get your period, like, it looks like you pooped your pants’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I got my period, I just became a woman, I just became a French woman, I just got my period in France after an overnight flight, and it looks like I pooped my pants.’

“So I, trying to [make] a cool move and make a bold gesture, walk into the common space shared by all the campers and I was like, ‘um, announcement: just got my period, anyone got a tampon I can borrow?’

“The adult counselors were like, ‘If I could burrow into something, I would.’ The boys were like, ‘Argh, I was maybe going to hook up with her on this trip and now I just see a bleeding orifice. So, no thanks.’ And all the girls were all too nervous to admit they only used pads… Then the one girl who had given a blowjob was like, ‘Yeah. I’ve got a tampon’…She gives me a tampon and I felt so cool to just skip pads.”

If you thought your first period story was embarrassing, this is only the first act and this isn’t even the extent of the awkwardness. Hear the rest of Allison Williams’ first period story on The Talk of Shame podcast.

Originally told to Streeter Seidell on The Talk of Shame podcast.