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How to make an impact this Galentine’s Day

How to make an impact this Galentine’s Day

Did you know?
Period products are among the most requested items at homeless shelters, yet are also among the least donated. According to Dana Marlowe, Founder of Support The Girls, this means that every month, millions of low-income women in the United States are forced to choose between buying menstrual products for themselves or other essentials for their families. We want to change this.

Since launching in 2015, LOLA, a brand that delivers high quality menstrual care directly to your door, has been committed to providing women with the transparency they deserve when it comes to reproductive health. To date, we’ve donated over 500,000 feminine care products to low-income women across the U.S.

On Friday, February 9th 100 NYC-based customers joined us to pack up and hand deliver over 10,000 tampons to shelters across New York City. And today, we’re asking for your help to donate up to 500,000 additional feminine care products across the U.S. We want to double our lifetime donation in just 48 hours!!

Why today?
February 13th is Galentine’s Day — a holiday created to celebrate and support the women in our lives — so we’ve created an initiative that allows women to use their social voice to directly impact other women in need.

To help achieve this goal, LOLA collaborated with an all-female creative team, led by Creative Director and mom, Marie Suter, regarded for their award winning work at Conde Nast, to commission an exclusive image that represents the campaign. The image symbolizes how a small act of kindness can make the difference for millions of women. It captures the impact that supporting each other can have and serves as a reminder that women in need live among us everyday.

Here’s how you can get involved:
Share the below image on your Instagram feed or story today through February 15th at 9AM with #TamponsAreNotALuxury. For each share, we’ll donate 100 period products to women in need through Support The Girls.