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Looking back at 2020, together

Looking back at 2020, together

To our LOLA family, 

We don’t need to tell you how challenging this year has been. We lived it, together.

What kept us moving forward was hearing from you. So that’s what we did — we listened. Your words informed everything we did, in super+ ways and light. 

Here’s what we heard:

You want to see us in more places, in ways that work for you.

With our launch in Walmart stores across the country, we’re more accessible than ever before. We’ll continue to show up for you with more ways to customize how you shop (like value packs and buying a la carte). 

You’d like a more comfortable pad that actually fits, without any leaks.

We designed an entirely new pad with a longer, hourglass shape — and built a custom machine to make it. Your underwear thanks you. 

Expert advice for your reproductive health is too hard to find.

We launched the LOLA Collective, a diverse group of medical experts, advocates, and educators that answer your questions every week via the Ask an Expert portal and on Period Support Group

Our philanthropy program should expand to better support women’s health organizations led by women of color.

We partnered with incredible BIPOC-led national and local organizations like SisterLove and #HappyPeriod, donating 2.5MM period products.

Our platform should do more to spotlight and address racial disparities in reproductive health.

We engaged amazing experts with a diverse range of perspectives to create content with this focus, from our 3-part series on reproductive justice, to first-person accounts of navigating the healthcare system as a woman of color, and expert Q&A’s rooted in the experience of women of color in America. 

The new year brings new opportunities for us to keep listening, growing, and serving our community in the most impactful ways. Through it all, we’ve got you covered.    


Jordana & Alex