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Test 3: Deodorant

Tangy is definitely a word that can be used to describe my pits when it’s hot outside or I’m fresh off the elliptical; I was pleasantly surprised to find out that ACV can be used a deodorizer. According to lore, ACV swiped under your arms (and on the bottoms of your feet) can fight odor-causing bacteria and keep you smelling not only so fresh but also so clean.

As someone who is very sensitive to smell, I was hesitant to believe that vinegar could be used as deodorant. I was right. I decided to try this one on a day that I didn’t need to leave my apartment, which turned out to be excellent planning on my part. It seemed like no matter how much I diluted the ACV, the smell was still there. How can I put this delicately? I smelled like the dillest of pickles.