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Announcing LOLA at Walmart

Announcing LOLA at Walmart

Hi everyone,

We have some major news: LOLA is coming to a Walmart near you. Big, right? 

Five years ago, we were just two friends unsettled by the mystery ingredients in our tampons. Now, with Walmart, we’re ensuring that millions of women across America will have access to period products made with high-quality ingredients like 100% organic cotton.

Why Walmart? 

Walmart’s commitment to bringing LOLA’s ingredient transparency to shelves nationally has been unprecedented. And with America’s largest retailer, we’ll reach even more people across the country — expanding our supportive community, providing expert reproductive health resources, and normalizing conversations that should be, well, normal.

Donating one million, in one month

Our launch into retail comes at a time when we’re all thinking about how we can help each other. In our first month at Walmart, we’ll be donating one million period products through our longtime nonprofit partner,
I Support The Girls.  

What this means for you

There’s nothing changing about your go-to products, in your customized assortment, delivered to your door, through the subscription you love. We’re just excited to keep growing this community with you.

Thanks for being on this ride with us. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

All our best,

Alex & Jordana
LOLA co-founders

  • Love that your at the Walmart stores I’m in Stafford,va. I wish they had more of your product in stock. They always run out.

  • Please begin to make the panty liners in long and xtra long for better coverage. I am forced to buy another brand of natural long pantiliners.

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