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5 healthy habits: Jordana Kier, Co-Founder of LOLA

5 healthy habits: Jordana Kier, Co-Founder of LOLA

Being healthy isn’t a quick or easy endeavor — we get it! We certainly don’t have an unlimited budget for $15 green juices or enough hours in the day to spend two of them at the gym. In our “5 healthy habits” series we get inspired by tips & tricks from real women (no celebrity yoga gurus allowed!) and share the healthful practices they’ve incorporated into their daily lives.

I often get asked about work/life balance, but let’s be real: it’s not really a balance, but a delicate dance that changes weekly. It hasn’t always been this way. Over the last year or so since launching LOLA, my priorities have definitely changed. I’m thinking about the business 24/7 and constantly moving things around to make sure I’m accomplishing what needs to get done in any given day. But I’ve always been active, so to counter this new and inevitable unpredictability, I’ve been focused on creating — or maintaining — healthy hacks that are subtle, practical, and meaningful.

1. I force myself to work out in the morning. I’m not going to lie and say I love waking up pre-7am, but adjusting to an early-morning workout routine has been a game changer. For me, the key has been group classes. The right instructors can be incredibly motivating, and once I find instructors I like, I stick with them (also, I love getting yelled at to work hard – it’s something I miss from organized sports). I try to mix it up with different types of low-impact cardio: Y7 vinyasa yoga, SoulCycle, and Barry’s Bootcamp (double floor) are at the top of my list. Exercising first thing in the morning gives me more energy throughout the day, keeps me positive, and frees up my evenings.

2. I make a killer protein smoothie for breakfast. Every time someone peeks into my freezer, they’re always confused (but mostly impressed?) by my frozen banana collection. I basically work out so I can reward myself with a chocolate peanut butter banana protein smoothie afterwards. Here’s my recipe: one scoop GNC unsweetened protein powder, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 1 frozen banana, 2 teaspoons Trader Joe’s Valencia salted peanut butter, chia seeds, and TJ’s unsweetened almond milk. The banana is all the natural sugar you need, and the cocoa powder is 20 calories. Novak Djokovic copied me so I’m essentially an elite athlete. Keeps me full until lunch.

3. I cook at home at least 2-3 times a week. About 3 months ago my husband Jesse and I realized that we’d spiraled into a dinner behavior that was unhealthy both physically and emotionally. We’d get home late from work, order something off Seamless, and then catch up on emails until the food arrived. To break out of this funk, we decided to try Blue Apron, and it’s drastically changed our routine. I love spending time together, off our phones, cooking in the kitchen, and I also love knowing exactly what I’m eating – how much butter, olive oil, sugar, salt is going into my meals. Ordering Blue Apron also eliminates the stress of going to the grocery store and buying just the right amount of a random herb. And I’m getting pretty good at knife skills, though Jesse likely disagrees.

4. I try to stand at least half the time I’m at my desk. This habit is pretty new but I’m learning to love it, and not just because I can blatantly stare at other people around me. There are days when I’m running around more than usual, but while I’m at my desk, having the option to stand and work is energizing and definitely makes me less slouchy even when I’m sitting (NB: if you really want to have good posture, take piano lessons for 16 years). I was inspired to do this by two fellow LOLA team members who purchased portable laptop stands so they could change things up throughout the day. At $40, it was a great experiment that, for me, has worked out well so far.

5. I use a backpack instead of a tote bag. I still get carded (I’m almost 30), so when I recently switched to carrying a backpack versus a tote bag, I officially looked like a 5 year old. I carry my computer around a lot, especially when we are fundraising, and after a day on the go, my lower back and hips are a mess (I’m actually 80 years old). My backpack distributes all the weight evenly which helps my posture, and my back hasn’t bothered me since switching vessels. Everlane has a bunch of reasonably-priced options that are sophisticated yet practical. And, of course, their “radical transparency” ethos is most certainly on-brand with LOLA.

  • I love that smoothie! I also like to throw half an avocado into the mix, and it gets so creamy! Delicious.

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