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5 healthy habits: Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur, Founders at Of A Kind

5 healthy habits: Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur, Founders at Of A Kind

Being healthy isn’t a quick or easy endeavor — we get it! We certainly don’t have an unlimited budget for $15 green juices or enough hours in the day to spend two of them at the gym. In our “5 healthy habits” series we get inspired by tips & tricks from real women (no celebrity yoga gurus allowed!) and share the healthful practices they’ve incorporated into their daily lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with Of A Kind. As in: I love their stunningly curated collection of wares from up-and-coming designers and artisans (and don’t even get me started on their amazing new personal care shop!), and my (newly emptied) bank account doesn’t feel quite the same way. Just try and leave their site with an empty cart, I dare you. Mine currently contains this epic RBG card that I’ll be sending to every gal I know and a hair turban that claims to reduce post-shower hair breakage.

This week, we get a double dose of healthy habits with Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, the co-founders of Of A Kind, and the “professional enthusiasts”  behind the cult-favorite “10 Things” newsletter, where they deliver their most recent discoveries and obsessions directly to your inbox every week. We have the scoop on the 10 (healthy) things they’re currently digging.

Erica’s things:

1. I try to cook dinner at home whenever I can. This involves a little meal-planning on the weekends — not the most exciting thing in the world, I know — but I have an arsenal of recipes that come together super-quickly (see: this, this, this, and this) so I’m not tempted to bail after a long day.

2. I’ve become a natural-deodorant fangirl. This Soapwalla stuff is where it’s at, tell you what.

3. Reading is healthy, right? Especially when it means time spent not surfing the Internet? I devoured a book a week last year and am aiming to do the same in 2016 — being able to track your progress on GoodReads is everything.

4. Turns out, making your own all-purpose cleaner is dead simple (and cheap…and a good way to make use of citrus peels). Doing so makes me feel pretty accomplished with minimal effort.

5. For me, getting a handle on my personal finances and starting to understand all that IRA, APR, MMA mumbo-jumbo has been a big anxiety-beater. I’m a big proponent of Beth Kobliner’s book Get a Financial Life and a daily reader of the blog The Billfold — both know how to make it interesting.

Claire’s things:

1. I start almost every single day with a 3-mile run — which is still hard for my unathletic teenage self to believe. The whole routine started as a way to help me cycle off of antidepressants in my mid-20s, and it’s worked so well that I now do it religiously as a way to help me manage anxiety, stress, and ward off the blues.

2. I make a green smoothie every morning when I got home from my run, which is not nearly as challenging as it sounds. The hardest part is spending a big chunk of change on a really good blender — I swear by my Vitamix — but it’s so worth it. Then you just throw in fresh for frozen fruit, yogurt, water, almonds, and kale or spinach, and let it do its thing. And here’s a quick clean up hack: put some dish soap and water in the blender and turn it on. Boom.

3. I’ll buy just about anything that promises to give me better posture, but the only one I’ve managed to actually use every day is this ridiculously simple foot stool that sits under my desk.

4. Installing the F.lux app on my computer has eliminated that end-of-day behind-the-eyes ache I’d become a little too familiar with. It adjusts your screen based on the time of day so you’re not staring at a bright blue light all day.

5. I suffer from way too many migraines and finally discovered that regular acupuncture lessens them considerably. It’s not as expensive as I’d assumed, and often covered by health insurance.