When we launched LOLA in 2015, we set out to combat period stigma — which had led to a lack of awareness about product ingredients and in turn, had implications for both women’s reproductive health and their ability to make deliberate decisions in the period products category.

We were amazed at just how antiquated this industry was; from the unrelatable and inconvenient shopping experience, to how little information there was, to how ridiculously these products were marketed to women (blue liquid on a pad? really?). So we asked ourselves: what do we, as women, want and need? We took these answers and developed LOLA – 100% organic cotton tampons, customized for you, delivered to your door. And what an incredible journey it’s been!

Since 2015, we’ve talked to tens of thousands of women about their periods and reproductive health, and a clear theme has emerged — this same dynamic of feeling unprepared, uninformed, and lacking resources exists again and again in a woman’s life. We are two women who have had periods, had sex, taken birth control, tried to get pregnant, gotten pregnant, had a miscarriage, got pregnant again, had a baby, recovered (well… still recovering), and more. And we — and all of our customers — have done this in a world with limited product information, little to no useful content, and without a trusted brand that guides us from one stage to the next.

Today, that is over! We’re making a commitment to be there for women, from their first period through their last hot flash, as the first-ever lifelong brand for a woman’s body. As a first step towards building a lifelong brand, we are so thrilled to announce that today we’re launching Sex by LOLA, a collection of ultra thin lubricated condoms, personal lubricant and cleansing wipes designed first and foremost for women.

Sex was an obvious next category for us to tackle. Like many other women out there, we’d never thought to question what was in a condom or what our lube was made from. We simply accepted the existing options, which were all about men – from the packaging designs to the needs they satisfied. What about our needs, as women? As an equal part of the equation, wouldn’t it make sense to ensure that women are getting what they want in the bedroom as well? That’s our goal – to empower women and provide them with the products and information they need to make deliberate decisions and feel ownership in their reproductive health.

Since launching in 2015, we’ve been inspired and humbled by the overwhelming number of women willing to share their own personal stories surrounding intimate aspects of their lives, and we have made it our mission to engage in a broad-based conversation to raise awareness and drive change in women’s health community. We can’t wait to continue to build this business with you all in mind. And we can’t wait to hear what you think of the new category!

In celebration of the launch, we’ll be dedicating a full month of content to sexual health, aimed at exploring some of the universal questions, experiences and thoughts we’ve all had at one point or another. Stay tuned.

LOLA is a new feminine care brand by women, for women. LOLA offers tampons, pads, and liners made with 100% organic cotton via a customizable subscription service. A better month awaits you.