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Willa’s First Period Story

Welcome to First Period Stories, the LOLA series where members of the LOLA community share the story of getting their first period. These accounts are funny, sweet, and sentimental, but all speak to a shared first period experience. Here is Willa’s First Period Story:

I got my period for the first time when I was 13. It was a Saturday in the summer and I know that because we had bagels and chocolate milk from the local bagel place and we were only allowed to do that one day on the weekend. I think I had just been lounging around my mom’s apartment in my PJ’s and at some point, I went to the bathroom and pulled down my shorts. I remember that I wasn’t wearing underwear. There was this brown, sort of clumpy stuff in my shorts and I had never seen anything like that before. I definitely assumed I had pooped in my pants a little bit and as a 13 year old, was really embarrassed about that. So I called my mom up and, to her, it was perfectly obvious that I had gotten my period. I definitely knew what periods were, but I assumed that it would look completely different than what I was looking at.

I thought it would be just bright red.

So once she explained that to me, I think I was more relieved that I hadn’t pooped my pants than concerned that I had gotten my period. And then, I remember that she took such delight in telling my father that I was a woman now and, as a teenage, that just seemed like the most embarrassing thing that she could be broadcasting. And that was my first period story.

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