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Riki’s First Period Story

Welcome to First Period Stories, the LOLA series where members of the LOLA community share the story of getting their first period. These accounts are funny, sweet, and sentimental, but all speak to a shared first period experience. Here is Riki’s First Period Story:

My first period story starts about two years before my period started, when my mom gave me a book called “The Wonder of Becoming You”. It’s really just about a flower blossoming. So, by the time my period was coming, I was really ready for my period to come–I was waiting for it every day. One night, I just saw a little bit of blood on my panties. I put a panty liner in because I thought it was going to be there. I woke up the next morning and it just arrived.

I was really excited, and kind of sweaty, and I felt really kind of proud that it was there.

And at that moment my parents walked into the room together, which is strange because why were they together, but they walk into the room together and I give my mom this look like: “It happened!” Then she turns to my dad and they’re both looking over me like the proudest parents ever. Then I probably got cramps and it was horrible but I don’t remember any of that — I just remember this sweet moment of sharing it with my parents. And that is my first period story. 

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