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How are you feeling about your reproductive health?

How are you feeling about your reproductive health?

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, there are a lot of questions on everyone’s minds, and there’s a lot we don’t know yet. One thing we do know is that community is more important than ever, and even though we’re physically apart, over the last few weeks we’ve seen businesses, support groups and even DJ parties bring hundreds of thousands of people together online. 

LOLA’s community has been a part of this movement. It’s been uplifting to watch our group of members, experts, partners and colleagues continue to speak candidly with each other about their reproductive health in this uncertain time.

We asked our community to tell us how the coronavirus is impacting their reproductive health, and what they’re doing to cope. Here’s what they had to say: 

“My husband and I started passively trying [to conceive] a few months ago, not expecting anything to happen too quickly. This was before the pandemic began. We just found out three days ago that we are expecting, only a few minutes after finding out my husband was treating the first COVID-positive patient in our area. We are trying to focus on the excitement, but it’s hard not to live in the fear of the moment.” — Holly

“I always feel more anxious and emotional in the few days leading up to my period, but right now I can’t tell the difference between PMS anxiety and Coronavirus anxiety.” — Lindsey

“It’s rough right now in the Endometriosis & Adenomyosis community because so many places are cancelling surgeries. These ladies have waited years to find a doctor that actually believes them & then wait typically several months to receive surgery because we have so few excision surgeons. It’s a stressful time waiting to find out if your going to be cancelled next, but the Endo/Adeno community is unlike any other when it comes to virtual support, like the work that @endogirlsblog, @endometriosissummit, @endometriosis_surgeon and many other online support groups are doing not just right now, but always.” — Alanna

“After 5 months of trying, we got pregnant only for it to end in an early miscarriage. I’ve never felt anything more devastating and never expected it. Now that I’m recovered, I’m too scared to stop trying for the time being. I’m already 33 and there is no knowing how long it could take again, even in spite of the virus and lockdown.” — Sarah

“I definitely am having some severe stress hormone reactions right now, causing anxiety, emotions, and a very annoying breakout. I would love some help being more mindful and present right now.” — Molly

“I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant and have started showing symptoms of coronavirus. I got tested today, I’m considered high risk because of being pregnant. Not exactly how I imagined the end of my pregnancy but am just trying to stay calm and in the present.” — Danielle

“My husband and I got pregnant fairly quickly the first time, but I know it may not be as easy the next time around. Given what’s going on in the world I don’t think we’ll start to try anytime soon, but I’m also anxious to wait too long in case it becomes more difficult.” — Jordana

“I barely noticed my PMS symptoms this month because of all the anxiety I’m feeling.” — Kendel

“I’m in my 39th week of pregnancy with my first child. So many unknowns cause nervousness for sure.” — Allison

“I just got my period 5 days early, and I’m usually really regular. I’m not sure if it’s caused by stress over all the coronavirus news, or if something else might be happening with my body. It’s definitely not helping my current anxiety level, that’s for sure. — Liz

“This current situation is devastating. I have waited so long to do IVF which is now postponed indefinitely.” — Anon

“I’ve been feeling pretty stressed and noticed that taking time to think about where my body is at has really helped me feel grounded.” — Sadie

How about you? Do you have questions about taking care of your reproductive health during the pandemic? How are you managing your health during this time? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments.  

  • I had the virus back in Feb. But, of course, still shelter in place with everyone else. I cry everyday. I just need a normal daily schedule back. My ADD is in high drive now.

  • Anyone have any tips on hormone balance, seed cycling, moon cycle syncing?? Or any other ways to naturally regulate periods

  • My period has been way out of wack lately. I haven’t gotten it yet this month, and it should’ve came a week ago. I felt PMS the past 4 days, so maybe it’s coming soon. Similarly to Lindsey, I can’t tell if these are feeling of irritability because of hormones, Covid-19, or both :/

  • This was my worst period in a long time. In my work I walk constantly; 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Being furloughed, there’s been a huge shift in my physical activity and I feel, as a result, I was less able to cope with my cramps and irritability. I spent two whole days in bed dreading every moment regardless of pain relievers, snacks, and the overwhelming feeling of “I’m not doing enough”. Even since my period has finished my emotions feel heightened. I laugh longer, cry longer, and get frustrated more easily.

  • I don’t know if this is due to a change of lifestyle – from waking up early in the AM, going to school, work, and hanging out with friends – being the reason why my period is so late when I’m usually super regular. I also lost 5 pounds and haven’t been eating as much as I used to. Can all this factor into why my period is super late? 10 days late! I already ruled out pregnancy because that’s not a possibility.

  • I live in Detroit and work with Covid positive patients! All I can do is pray and thank God every day I wake up health!

  • I have PCOS which puts me Into a severe depression a few days before my period. Recently I cut out non organic dairy and most dairy products in general. My cramps aren’t as bad but the restless, empty feelings haven’t disappeared yet. It’s only compounded with my work- I test for COVID19 and am constantly exhausted by work. It’s only uphill from here

  • I take care of covid patients as well as suspected covid patients. It’s just just part of my job. Although I am exposed to many other communicable diseases on a daily basis, it is easy to take for granted how fragile life is.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding and have previously been hospitalized for low hemoglobin and iron which required transfusions. I live alone and have been social distancing from everyone for about a month now. The added stress of what’s going on has me highly focused on controlling what I can about my health. That means getting plenty of rest, taking all my prescribed meds, iron pills, staying hydrated and eating well. Take each day as it comes and find the blessings…

  • I’ve had three miscarriages back to back and a year ago, one of the pregnancies turned out to be a molar pregnancy. I was just cleared to try to conceive again in February but as this situation started getting worse, I decided to hold off on trying. I’m anxious about this pandemic but heartbroken about having to continue to wait to conceive.

  • I had a very rare condition (Complete molar) that causes me to be monitored (hormone levels) for up to two years. (I also can not get pregnant which is fine I do not want children) . I have sudden mood shifts and pelvic pains that I deal with silently. I am scared to go to appointments with everything going on. It was hard enough to find a doctor to believe and understand my pain. Then this happened.

  • At the beginning of the shelter in place, I had started an IVF cycle, only for it to be cancelled the day before I was to begin my nightly injections. The very next day I got the call that they would allow me and a few other gals to go through with our IVF retrieval cycles. Though happy, I was super annoyed that I had to start all over again, which meant giving myself another period (the third in one month!) because the cycles start with a few days of birth control pills and then when you get off, your body goes through menses before starting your injections. I’ve of course been super anxious because if I get coronavirus I have to cancel my cycle again. IVF is not cheap, nor are the medicines/injections needed. Every. Single. Day. I’m nervous if I feel hot, or achy, or if there is a tickle in my throat. I’ve never been so scared. Tomorrow is finally my egg retrieval surgery, and today I have been on edge more than any other day. I just want this over with. All of it. My surgery and coronavirus. Life is so uncertain right now. I’m constantly praying for a successful cycle and a bouncing baby girl in the end, once we make embryos and transfer them. If anything, I hope I have the strength to teach my girl to be comfortable and confident with her body. So many women aren’t, and the reproductive education these days in school is spotty : ) Even though I addressed my feelings of vulnerability, I’m proud to be a woman, a strong woman, because that’s what we all are. We are simply amazing!

  • I use an app to track my period, and am pretty regular, so the predicted date usually matches the first day of my period. This month my period came a whole week late, clocking my cycle in at 36(!) days. The week leading up to my period I had every symptom of an hormonal imbalance: hot flashes, bad sleep, mood swings, fatigue, head aches and even throat ache (which made me even more nervous since it’s a symptom of coronavirus). I live in NYC, Queens to be exact, which is currently the epicentre of the virus. It feels very surreal to be here at this moment in time. And while I’m trying my best to stay sane and keep it together, I think subconsciously the stress has been getting to me, causing my period to come a week late and hormones to be completely out of whack.
    In any case, stay strong to all of my fellow Lola-members, we will get through this and my deepest condolences to all that have lost a loved one, and strength to those whom are fighting for their lives in this terrible moment.

  • Ian extremely stressed out as I am considered essential and it makes every going to work very anxious 😬

  • I’ve never been able to convince, and I’ve felt even more out of my mind than ever at this point. With the pandemic exercise, and whatever the 5g experiment is, this round has been very tough mentally and physically. Now I’ve experienced a stress and trauma and seen how it affects my cycle, kicking me out a week or a week earlier than usual. But this time I really felt a lot of pain, much more than usual. And for a longer duration. I think two full weeks prior to my start date.

  • For whatever reason, I feel like the physical symptoms (bloating, headache, fatigue) are hitting me a lot harder this month.

  • I actually am sick with COVID-19 and on my period! Not only am I dealing with almost all symptoms of the virus, but also have to deal with a bloody mess. Keeping my spirits up and anxiety down. Hopefully I am at the end of the virus too.

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