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How can LOLA help?

How can LOLA help?

To our LOLA community,

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult and unprecedented time. 

We are still up and running, without interruption, taking care of each other virtually while working from home. We’ll do everything we can to continue getting you the products you need, when you need them. But in this moment, we’ve also been thinking about additional ways we can be there for you.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Creating a safe space

In collaboration with experts, partners, and members of our community, we created a destination devoted to your reproductive health in this moment, and all moments.The Spot by LOLA is positive, informative, and fueled by the questions we hear from you, and filled with helpful resources like our LOLA guides and Ask an Expert feature. With the world as it is, finding answers and support feels more important than ever.

Investing in virtual community

We are hosting a virtual Period Support Group featuring LOLA experts every week on Instagram live at 12PM EST. Our get togethers will now be digital, with more space for our community than ever before. Come and learn about your reproductive health, or share anything that’s on your mind.

Giving to those in need

We are working with our incredible charitable partner, I Support The Girls, to distribute an additional 1 million period products to people in need throughout the country during this time, bringing our total donations to date to over 6 millions period products. Financial donations are needed by I Support the Girls now more than ever to cover the cost of shipping donated products throughout the United States. If you would like to personally donate to their cause, here’s how you can.

And we want to continue hearing from all of you. We mean it — respond in the comments and tell us how you’re feeling, how you’re coping, what questions or concerns you have, LOLA or otherwise. Tell us. And as we evolve our digital programming and resources, we will try to address what’s on your mind. 

We are in this with you. We feel that. We hope you feel it, too.

With all our hearts,

The LOLA team

  • Sometimes even just hearing that someone cares makes a huge difference. I’m a medical courier and go to 14 different hospitals and clinics every day transporting not only my regular patient samples but now all the hundreds of covid tests throughout the valley. My mask makes it hard to breath and leaves my face red. My feet hurt every day I come home after my 11 hour shifts. So sometimes I feel like breaking down. And other days I’m so happy to have a job. I’ve seen the best in people during this crisis more than I’ve seen the worst. And those are the things I’m holding onto during this time. Also…. I’m pms’ing.

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