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Community Question: Hormones and Cycles Changing With Age

Community Question: Hormones and Cycles Changing With Age

My periods have gotten shorter and lighter, but now I have more PMS symptoms that I didn’t experience before such as cramping, headaches, muscle aches and bloating.


How have your hormones and cycles changed as you have gotten older? Share your experience in the comments below.

  • My periods were very predictable, in time frame, PMS symptoms, and flow. After having my children they got heavier for a year or two and eventually went back to what I was used to. Then I turned 46. My period went from predictable to WTF? My irritability went through the roof, I had my period twice a month for 4 months, then I skipped a month. I spoke with my Mom about what perimenopause was like for her, spoke to friends, and read some books. With the help of a DR. I tried a few herbal supplements until I found a combination that reduced the symptoms and has me mostly regular again.

  • I had the complete opposite problem. When I was younger, my periods were short and light. Then, after my first kid, my periods got so heavy. Did that happen to anyone else?

  • When I used to get a period, it was so heavy and I got terrible cramping. However, I haven’t had a period since I was 19 and don’t know how my periods would have changed with time.

  • I totally get this–in high school I had completely regular, manageable periods, but in the years since I’ve noticed my period really responds to stress, and comes with far more cramping and hormonal acne, which I never used to experience.

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