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Community question: What are your holistic remedies for cramps?

Community question: What are your holistic remedies for cramps?

Our biggest strength at LOLA is our community — we’re so grateful for the insights, stories and advice that you share with us and each other on this blog. We also get a lot of great comments from you about your reproductive health, which is why we’ve launched our Community Question series. Each week we ask a new question around a comment we’ve received from the LOLA community, in hopes of sparking a conversation. Check out this week’s community question, and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

I get mild cramps and back pain about a week before my period and severe cramps the day I start and the next day. I don’t get pain in-between my periods or during sexual intercourse. The only thing that has helped in the past is birth control pill, but I’m looking for something more natural. Any suggestions?

  • I like thermacare heat patches because you can slap one on and go about your day. You don’t need to lay down or hang out near a plug like with a heating pad.

  • A couple of things have GREATLY improved how I feel during my period; to the point where I can actually function throughout the day and not need to curl up in my bed with a heating pad and pain well above and beyond 100%.

    I start putting Magnesium Oil on the lower part of my abdomen and on the lower part of my back when I start feeling symptoms my period is coming (can be a week to a few days prior to starting). And I continue the Magnesium Oil on the day of starting and into the second day if need be.

    As the estimated start date gets nearer (about 1 to 3 days prior), I start taking Arnica Montana 200CK about two to three times daily. 200CK is the strongest and most effective for me (6X and 30C don’t work well for the amount of pain I can get). I will take it even if I don’t feel I need to so it can prepare my body for what’s coming. I take more Arnica on the day I start (without overtaking it) as that is the most crucial day.

    Also, I’ve incorporated eating salads on a weekly regular basis and more protein, both of which I believe have helped; as well as eating way less sugar than I used to, especially cutting back a week to two weeks prior to starting. (By the way, the way I cut back on sugar was not to focus my mind on cutting back because that didn’t work. Instead, I focused my mind on getting more vegetables into my body with the mindset that I am helping build my immune system, and that changed my sugar eating habits.)

    Living with my periods now is way different and much better, a real true miracle I thank God for. I had experienced many, many years of incredible pain and not feeling well and grateful to function with nearly every period.

    Hope this helps someone!

    Here are the links to the Magnesium Oil and Arnica Montana 200CK (plus, I will take Nux Vomica 30C if need be for nausea).

  • A tens unit! Try looking up livia. It was designed for female cramps. That and hot compress + some kind of arnica muscle salve helps.

  • A hot bath followed by a heating salve on my pelvis and lower back works well for me. I get extreme cramps on my first day and if I do that at the first sign it really helps. The bath is important to open up your pores to let the salve really work. A THC salve has always worked better for me. My inflammation is extreme and someone told me a couple of years ago to sip hot lemon water throughout the day to help with it. I don’t know if it works that well or if it’s that in conjunction with the bath and salves or just purely staying hydrated, but my cramps are more manageable now.

  • I agree with applying heat! Hot water bottles, microwavable rice bags, and pharmacies sell heating pads that work wonders when you’re out of the house. Even brewing a cup of tea and sitting it against your pelvic area helps!

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