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Community question: How do I have “the talk” with my daughter?

Community question: How do I have “the talk” with my daughter?

Our biggest strength at LOLA is our community — we’re so grateful for the insights, stories and advice that you share with us and each other on this blog. We also get a lot of great comments from you about your reproductive health, which is why we’ve launched our Community Question series. Each week we ask a new question around a comment we’ve received from the LOLA community, in hopes of sparking a conversation. Check out this week’s community question, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

I have an 11 year old daughter. We have started talking about how her body is changing and about how she will at some point relatively soon start having a period. I feel I need to start also talking to her about sex and reproduction. Any suggestions or resources to help me figure out how to talk to her about this?

  • I’m not a mom yet, but I wish someone would have told my mom the best way to have the talk is to just start the conversation! Open up those lines of communication between me and her so that we can go and grow from there. 🙂

  • I remember when my mom gave me the talk, I asked why people would ever choose to have sex and she said, “When you are in love, you will understand.” I wish someone had told me the importance of pleasure or feeling good when it came to sex and also talked about consent. It will help your daughter go into this part of her life feeling so much more confident and focused on what she wants!

  • I’m SO glad Samantha asked this question — I don’t have a daughter or anything, but I definitely never had this talk with my mom. I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard her say “period” out loud! I always wonder how the silence/shame around the topic has affected me and my sisters, and I wonder how I can do a better job one day if I have a daughter..

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