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Community Question: How do you get in the mood?

Community Question: How do you get in the mood?

Our biggest strength at LOLA is our community — we’re so grateful for the insights, stories and advice that you share with us and each other on this blog. We also get a lot of great comments from you about your reproductive health, which is why we’ve launched our Community Question series. Each week we ask a new question around a comment we’ve received from the LOLA community, in hopes of sparking a conversation. Check out this week’s community question, and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

How do I get in the mood and stay with it when feeling anxious about social issues outside the bedroom?

  • Read “Come As You Are” by Dr. Emily Nagoski. Getting in the mood is all about context! Learning how to get into the right headspace to be able to tune out the anxious feelings for a while in order to experience joy. Dr. Nagoski breaks it down beautifully using science and composite stories from her 20 years as a sex educator.

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