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When I have sex it feels like there’s a cut on the right side of my vaginal wall. I’ve been to the doctor and she says nothing is there. What can I do?

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When I have sex with my boyfriend I feel like my vagina has a cut on the ride side of the wall. I've been to the doctor and she says nothing is there, she did remove a polyp but that didn’t change the feeling at all. We use lube too and that does help, but I don't know why it stings.

I’m sorry you are feeling uncomfortable while you are having sex. Sometimes the stinging feeling can come from the vaginal wall being stretched or pushed in a certain way while having sex. You wouldn’t necessarily see anything upon examination, but will feel that sensation when having sex. I would try using more lubricant to see if that helps. Another option is to try other positions to see if the sensation improves.