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I have a tilted uterus. Sex is painful 😫. I need some advice on this matter.

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I have a tilted uterus. Sex is painful 😫. I need to some advice and help on this matter.

I’m so sorry you have had this experience. Many women can have a slightly tilted uterus and for some they have no symptoms whatsoever, but others can feel discomfort with sex, since the tilted uterus changes the angle of the cervix and the tip of the penis can hit directly on it which can cause discomfort. A tilted uterus can be genetic or it sometimes can be caused by a secondary reason like fibroids, endometriosis etc. I often suggest talking with your sexual partner to see if you can find a sexual position that causes you less discomfort. I would also suggest talking with your gynecologist and/or primary care to make sure there isn’t a secondary reason for your tilted uterus.