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There have been multiple, tender bumps on my outer and inner labia. I hoped you may have an idea what this is?

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There have been multiple cyst/pimple bumps on my outer labia as well as between my outer walls/labia and the inner labia, as well as swelling in the beginning. It isn't itchy, its just tender. I called a doctor hotline and all they did was prescribe me an antibiotic and said hot compresses will help, saying it will go away in a few days. As much as I am grateful it's nothing major, they didn't say what it might be. I hoped you may have an idea?

It sounds like you might have ingrown hair follicles around the outer labia, which usually feels tender and can sometimes also be itchy.  Warm compresses would help to soften the tight hair follicles and help release them. It is possible for ingrown hair follicles to get infected so if you notice pus being released from pimples or you notice redness spreading around the pimples it would be a good idea to see your primary care provider or gynecologist to get examined.