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My younger sister has started feeling pain in her lower abdomen. I Don’t if she is about to start menstruation or if it’s an infection.

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My younger sister is feeling some pain In her lower abdomen for the past three months it comes once in a while and takes 5 mins or less. She has not started menstruation, though she just started discharging recently. I Don't know if she is about to start her menstruation or if it's an infection.

Discharge is a common sign that hormones are shifting and changing in preparation for a first period. This can happen for up to 6 months beforehand. Her period could very well be here soon! Infections typically present with other signs too such as itching, irritation, and sometimes odor. The pelvic cramping could be a number of things (it is not always gynecological in nature). If she is concerned or even just has questions, she should definitely reach out to her doctor to discuss.