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My IUD is almost expired and I’m worried that social distancing will not be over by the time I need to get a new one. What do I do?

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What should I do if my IUD expires during social distancing?

I would first double-check to see what kind of IUD you have, because, for the most part, IUDs have a bit of extra time. People are surprised to hear that the Mirena functions for seven years, as opposed to the five it is marketed for, but we have enough research to know you can have it for that long without affecting contraception ability. I would certainly double-check with your gynecologist and, too, call them to see if there is a plan in place for when you eventually have it replaced. If you have an IUD that is being used for contraception but you have hit its deadline, I would be sure to use a secondary form of contraception. With a progesterone-only IUD that would be a condom. With a copper IUD, if you are comfortable with the birth control pill, you can absolutely call your gynecologist to see if you can get a prescription to carry you over for this period of time. Ultimately, my first suggestion would be to consult your physician.