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My gynecologist has moved to another state. How do I go about finding a good one who will listen to my concerns and help me?

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My gynecologist has moved to another state and I’m not sure how to go about finding a good one who will listen to my concerns and help me. Most look at my record, see that I have been diagnosed with anxiety, and tell me that every symptom I’m having is anxiety related (pain during sex, overactive bladder, etc.). That may be true, but how do I find someone willing to consider other reasons until we are sure? If I switch to another doctor’s office, will my records follow me there or will I get to start fresh and potentially lose the “anxiety” label?

It can feel very frustrating to have your concerns minimized by your doctor.  Ultimately this boils down to communication, trust, and/ or mutual respect issues with your provider.  If you are changing hospitals or clinics, it is likely that your medical record will not follow you.  This means that your new doctor will likely not know you have anxiety unless you disclose that information.  Starting a new relationship with a doctor can be hard, and cause anxiety in and of itself!  But it is important to be open and honest about all of your medical conditions with your new provider. If you feel your health care needs are not being met, you can try being more direct in your communication style so that they understand the seriousness of your concerns.  It is ok to do your research prior to your visits, and come prepared with questions.  It is also ok to ask specific questions to better understand your condition and how best to treat it, or to request studies to rule out underlying issues.  Good luck on your doctor search!