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Is it okay to have oral sex during my period?

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Is it okay to have oral sex during my period?

Absolutely!  Sex and orgasm release endorphins, or happy hormones, that help to relieve pain, cramping, and may even shorten your period.  While it is normal to desire sex during your period, there are some caveats.  Many sexually transmitted infections are spread through blood and bodily fluids during oral sex.  Speak with your intimate partner about their level of risk, and get tested to ensure that you know each others’ statuses.  The bottom line is that you should do what feels comfortable to you and your partner, but plan ahead to avoid a mess!   

  • I’m addicted to my wife’s fluids, no matter her condition from day to day. I love fucking her during her period and even do oral sex on her if the blood flow isn’t too intense.

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