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I’m 35 and a mother of 3. Recently, leading up to and during my period I feel very hot. What might be going on?

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So I am 30 and a mother of 3 (pregnant 4 times), the last child being born about a year and a half ago. In the past 5 to 6 months I have noticed that about 3 days or so before I start my period my body temperature is elevated to the point that I am super uncomfortable even being inside with the air on at 70°. This lasts into the first 2 days of my period, so I am feeling super hot for a total of about a week. I asked my regular doctor if she could help figure this out and she had blood work done. The results came back normal everything was in normal range except vitamin D but, that has been low for almost 3 years now. Is there anything you may be able to tell me to have looked at more closely or if I should have my OBGYN do some testing? I just want to know if there is anything really wrong with me.

Hot flashes happen when we have a change in our hormonal levels. This is why around perimenopause when there is a large drop in estrogen and progesterone levels women can have hot flashes more regularly. Hot flashes can be a symptom of PMS as well. Just as we are about to have our period post ovulation there is a rise in progesterone and a decrease in estrogen. For some these changes can signal to the brain to produce other hormones which signals that we are “overheating” when we are not and as a result to compensate our bodies will sweat to “cool” the body down. I would nonetheless have an assessment with your PCP to rule out other reasons for hot flashes.