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I’m 21 and haven’t had sex yet but I might soon, and I’m worried about my pubic hair. Do I need to shave everything?

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I'm 21 and haven't had sex yet but I might soon, and I'm worried about my pubic hair. Every picture or video I see, the women seem to be completely hairless. Do I really need to shave everything?

The internet has played a huge role in the trend of pubic hair grooming. In its natural state, a woman’s pubic hair comes in a range of colors, textures and distribution. Some women have sparse, straight hair and others have a large bush that extends to the upper thighs. How you want your pubic hair to look is up to you. Some women remove the hair along the ‘bikini line,’ others prefer the look of a small triangle or ‘landing strip;’ still others want to remove all pubic hair and even the hair around the anus (by getting a Brazilian wax, for example). Actors and models featured in photos and videos may be hairless but real women can decide to love their pubes the way they grow naturally or trim them to their liking.