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I’m 17 and my period is coming every 3-4 months. What can I do to make it regular?

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I'm 17 and my periods are never regular. I first got my period in 7th grade. It was pretty normal the first few months then I would get my period every 3-5 months. Earlier last year it was getting normal and I was getting my period every other other month. Now it comes very 3-4 months.. I walk everyday as my exercise, nothing too intense. Could it be my diet? I'm not really too stress in my life. What could I do to have regular periods?

There can be several reasons for oligomenorrhea, or a condition in which you have infrequent menstrual periods, typically defined as >35 days in length. It likely means that you are ovulating infrequently. There can be several common reasons for this and your doctor can do an appropriate work-up with you to determine the cause. The following article is a great overview looking at the causes and possible conventional treatments.  

Once you know the cause, there may be more natural first-line dietary, lifestyle, targeted nutritional, and/or botanical approaches, but you will want to uncover the underlying cause first in order for any applied treatments to be targeted and effective.