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I took a homeopathic remedy (Sepia 200c) to help get my period back after loosing weight, but it’s just making me gain weight and my period still isn’t back. Should I explore a different solution?

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I lost weight and lost my period for few years. I started gaining back weight this year, and in the process I took a homeopathic remedy (sepia 200c). since I took it 7 months ago, I started gaining weight from nothing. I'm actually eating very little but I'm just gaining and gaining and I still don't have my period. I'm so upset about it. Anything I can do to stop gaining and get back to a normal period?

Sepia 200c is a homeopathic remedy that is very safe and typically doesn’t cause long-standing adverse outcomes. I would definitely look for other explanations here and work with someone trained in hormones like an endocrinologist or naturopathic, integrative, or functional medicine hormone specialist. Other common causes of weight gain are chronic stress, cortisol dysfunction, and insulin and/or blood sugar imbalances, but the easy weight gain could definitely all be tied back to why you still don’t have your period back.