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I started to have what I figured was a yeast infection or UTI, but my gynecologist thinks that my discomfort is just overuse of the area. Any suggestions?

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I just got married. So I have been enjoying sex with my new husband about daily. I started to have what I figured was a yeast or urinary tract infection. I would feel like I was bruised down inside, and depending on how I move it gives me an urgency to pee. I went to my gyno and they tested and found nothing wrong. We had been tested for STD's prior to getting married. My gyno says its just overuse of the area, but I feel uncomfortable. I may be allergic to something, but I'm running out of stuff to blame. We are both clean people, and I'm using the same lube I always use. Any suggestions?

It’s hard for me to specifically suggest solutions as I need more details into the type of symptoms you are having but it could be a number of issues such as an imbalance in vaginal pH, irritation to the lubricant, another possible vaginal infection, or irritation from friction when having sex. I would suggest keeping a close eye as to when the symptoms feel worse as that can help identify what could potentially be the trigger, and perhaps consider getting a second opinion to assess your symptoms.