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I have a new sexual partner, and started used condoms for the first time in my life. I got a really bad yeast infection afterwards and realized I’m probably allergic to latex! How do you heal after an allergic reaction?

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I recently have a new sexual partner. After being in a 5 year relationship, I was sure to safe and use condoms. I realized about 8 days after using the condom for the first time in my life, I was getting a really bad yeast infection. After using all the over the counter products I realized I’m probably allergic to latex! I am having extreme itching all over my vaginal area and my clit is extremely sore to the touch in some spots. I feel like it is definitely not normalized enough that women can be allergic to latex! If only I would have learned down the road somewhere long ago I would have been able to protect myself a lot sooner and be pain free. So it quite a question up there, but I do have a small one. How do you heal after an allergic reaction like that?

I’m sorry to hear about your latex allergy and yes I agree it’s not talked about enough! Contact allergies heal on their own once the allergen is not used anymore. The hardest part with healing is identifying what is causing your reaction. In your case you know it’s latex so I would definitely switch over to a non-latex brand condom for future sexual encounters. A low dose corticosteroid can be helpful to heal and soothe the irritation but I wouldn’t use it for a long period of time, maybe a week at most as it can thin the skin. I would also stay away from any irritants to the skin in general – sanitary wipes, douches, etc. These tips, and time, should help you heal pretty quickly.