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I have a daughter whose periods are super painful, but I don’t know how to find her a gynecologist and I’m scared of the costs. Where do I start?

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I have a daughter whose periods were super unpredictable when she started. Not long after, her periods came with painful symptoms and such a heavy flow… I had never seen anything like it. We don't have insurance and I can't have her see my doctor because I am a student and go to the health center at my university, and the Planned Parenthood in my area won't see her for gynecology stuff because she’s under 18. But her pain has been so bad she has missed time from school. Where do we begin? I don't know how to find her a gynecologist... I'm scared of the costs, I don't know where to start, and I live in the south where I've had negative experiences with moral/religious issues or simply not being listened to when what I really need is just good gynecological care.

 I am so sorry to hear of your struggles to find affordable health care. Your daughter needs to see a health care provider. You might try looking for Nurse Practitioners who specialize in Women’s Health in your area, as seeing an NP may be a more affordable option. Also, if you live near a teaching hospital that is affiliated with a medical school, then there may be an adolescent clinic where your daughter can be seen by pediatric residents who are supervised by staff physicians.