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I can’t fall asleep after sex because I feel the sensation of dripping. What could be causing this?

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I can't fall asleep after sex despite being very tired because I feel the sensation of ‘dripping’ but even a after a shower/ bath and persistent checking to make sure there is nothing there- the sensation persists. It's to the point now where sex is admin and it's frustrating for both me and my partner because I can't relax and am not ‘present’. What could be causing this?

There could be a few reasons why you might feel a sensation of “dripping” after sex. If you’ve had penetrative sex with semen ejaculation, the semen can take time to exit from the upper vaginal fornices. After a shower or bath, you might want to wear a thin pad or liner to capture any additional semen. If you feel like this is more of a glandular sensation from your body, it might take a little while to turn off your own lubrication production which again, I would encourage you to wear a liner for this as well. If you are already doing this and it is still bothering you, check with your trusted women’s healthcare provider. They may want to check and make sure there isn’t another reason why this is happening for you by doing an exam and intake.