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How young is too young to use a tampon?

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How young is too young to use a tampon? My little ten year-old has unfortunately started her period. If she is at dance or gymnastics a pad might be uncomfortable.

There isn’t really a set age for tampon use. Every individual is ready at their own pace. Yes, it can definitely be challenging not to use a tampon during dance or gymnastics, but she can try both (pads or tampons) and see what is most comfortable for her. It’s not too early to use a tampon, but she will definitely want to start with the smallest size you can find and be coached on the safety concerns, timing for use, etc. If you feel comfortable coaching her on how to insert, or at least showing her an education visual, I’m sure she would appreciate it. LOLA actually has an amazing First Period Kit that comes with supplies and a digital guide with tips and expert advice. It’s amazing.