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How do you treat a vaginal infection at home?

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How do you treat a vaginal infection at home?

You will absolutely want to reach out to your women’s health professional to request advice on this. My best advice is test, don’t guess! First, they will help you determine the type of infection that you may have and then advise on what you can do from home. It may require a prescription though, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment.

Of all vaginal irritation symptoms, 70% will be infectious. The top 3 vaginal infections: bacterial vaginosis (40-50%), candida vulvovaginitis (20-25%), and trichomoniasis (15-20%). One in four women who are sexually active with vaginitis symptoms test positive for STIs. This can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or (PID), so you don’t want to miss the correct treatment. Reach out to your provider!