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Hello, my period has been off since August. I am currently on the 11th day of my cycle. The women in my family have a history of fibroids. Should I be concerned?

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Hello, my period has been off since August. My last normal period was July. I didn’t have a cycle in August. My period usually lasts for five days, not many clots, I'm a moderate bleeder and have painful cramps for two or three days. The second week of September I had a period which was unusually light, and some clotting with no cramps and it lasted for six days. On October 4th my period started and I am on the 11th day of my cycle. It is bright red with no brown. The women in my family on the maternal side have a history of fibroids. The two nurses I spoke with have told me to not worry but I feel like I am being minimized. Should I be concerned? How do I advocate for myself?

Period irregularity can be so frustrating and I’m sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. It sounds like you might be having abnormal uterine bleeding — this is where there is bleeding from the uterus that is longer than usual, or that occurs at an irregular time. Bleeding may be heavier or lighter than usual, and occur often or randomly. It is actually quite common and there can be a number of factors that can cause this, including thyroid issues, cervical polyps, or even being on a birth control pill that isn’t a good fit for you. It sometimes can also occur as a result of stress. We typically recommend waiting and watching to see if your cycle regulates on its own. I would absolutely recommend seeing your gynecologist or primary care provider to follow up on this, and make sure to have your last few cycle patterns written down to share with your provider.