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Due to menopause treatment, my libido has been high lately, but it’s been tough to orgasm. Help!

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I am 53 and in a grey area of pre-/peri-menopause. About four months after my last period, my doctor prescribed hormones for hot flashes. That worked but the intermittent bleeding was annoying so my levels were adjusted. Now a pelvic sonogram shows thickened uterus lining, so my doctor had me stop estrogen and increase progesterone to induce my period, but no luck. I haven't had any hot flashes yet but during all of this the intensity of my orgasms have tanked to zero, while my libido has increased. I don't know what to do for best chance getting through this.

Thank you for reaching out! This time can be such a tricky one. There are certainly other strategies to consider here from varying dosages of hormones to natural remedies for hot flashes and libido/ability to orgasm. Usually higher doses of progesterone will not allow a withdrawal bleed until the hormone is stopped or removed, so you might want to revisit with your provider about the strategy there. I have a recorded talk that I gave on this topic on YouTube here. I hope it helps!