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Can I use a feminine wash with an IUD?

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Can I use a feminine wash with an IUD ? After sex I can’t seem to get this smell to leave and I hate it! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A feminine wash is a term typically used to describe a douching product or intravaginal wash. These are often marketed to reduce odor and clean the vagina. This is different from a body wash that may or may not be used only on the external vaginal tissue, or vulva. 

I do not recommend douching with or without an IUD. This practice is a very disruptive practice for the vaginal microbiome and can put you at increased risk for all types of infections including yeast, bacterial, UTIs, and STIs, as well as pelvic inflammatory conditions. If there is an odor it is likely due to an underlying infection that needs to be treated and no amount of douching will take care of it. Any sort of smell that is strong enough to bother you warrants a discussion with your doctor. Here is a great article that talks about the risks of using a douche/feminine wash.